A Surprise Ride for Zander!

WIN a SURPRISE RIDEadventure subscription boxfor your kids!

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My kids love projects. Love them. I have to give credit to Micah’s mom, their Mimi. She does an incredible job of bringing arts and crafts and little activities for them to do every time she comes to visit. She’s taught them to love to create and use their imagination, and we’re always looking for new ways to do just that. That’s why we were so excited to find Surprise Ride. It’s a children’s subscription box that offers a surprise monthly adventures, including activities that encourage creativity, a perfect fit for our kids!

how does surprise ride work?

Surprise Ride is the creation of sisters, Donna & Rosy. If you’re a Shark Tank fan, you may have seen them introduce the sharks to this subscription box! Each one is inspired by one of the fun, easy, and creative DIY projects they used for entertainment when they were children. A monthly subscription will cost you $29.99 per month, and shipping is always free! You can pay up front for 6 or 12 month plans to save even more! If you want a one-time box, you can purchase one of the available themes for $34.99 in their online store. Some of the available themes include Birds, Mars, Whales, Costa Rica, Rockets, and – Zander’s pick – Kid Boss! Each box contains two activities, a book, a snack, fun extras, and instructions. Boxes are geared toward children ages 6-11.

My little kid boss

Zander was so excited to get his box! I let him look on the Surprise Ride website and pick which theme he wanted. He’s only 6, but he’s already such a little entrepreneur. He loves coming up with ways to make money and actually saves it! Needless to say, it was not a big surprise when he chose the Kid Boss theme, a box that teaches kids how to set up their own lemonade stand! Duncan’s ‘World’s Largest Garage Sale’ was this past weekend, and – lucky us – one of our neighbors was having a sale. It turned out to be the perfect weekend to set up the stand!

Surprise Ride - 10

Activity #1: Create a Chalkboard Sign

What’s included: Wood Board, Chalkboard Paint, Foam Brush, Paint Dish, Apron, Easel, Chalk, and Eraser

Step 1: Paint the Sign!

Surprise Ride - 13

Step 2: Design and attach the easel!

Surprise Ride - 3Surprise Ride - 5

Step 3: Enlist the help of little bro! #trafficstopper

Surprise Ride - 7

Activity #2: Make and Sell Lemonade

What’s Included: Natural Lemonade Mix, Stirring Spoon, Cups, Sales Report, and Pencil.

Step 1: Make the lemonade!

Surprise Ride - 6

*Only one packet of lemonade mix was included. We had to add a second packet to make this size pitcher… because, you know, we expected a LOT of customers! They did include instructions on how to make fresh lemonade if you needed more. We might try that next time. We also bought extra cups; the box only came with a few.

Step 2: Setup the stand!

Surprise Ride - 1Doesn’t he look official with his clipboard? He was so excited!

Step #3: Bring in the customers and sell the lemonade!

Surprise Ride - 9

Surprise Ride - 8

He had a few helpers! He’s in for a rude awakening when he realizes they don’t work for free…

Surprise Ride - 4

The Extras

Lemon Burst Mini Cookies Snack

Surprise Ride - 12

Freaky Fact or Fiction Inventions Book

Surprise Ride - 11

Kid Boss Temporary Tattoo & Kid Boss Clipboard (You can see these both pictured above; the tattoo is on his hand.)

I was so proud of Zander. He woke up early on Saturday and was ready to work. He did (almost) everything all by himself. He learned how to make lemonade, count money, give change, provide customer service, and manage employees (really difficult employees at that)! In the end, the kids made $29, 58 cups of lemonade sold! Good thing we bought extra cups!

We will definitely be ordering another Surprise Ride in the future… and maybe a couple as gifts too! If you’re ready to try one with your kids, please enter our giveaway! Your first one could be FREE!

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Stitch Fix #15: My stylist is back!

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If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve had a few disappointing Stitch Fix boxes in a row. I didn’t even post my last fix because I just wasn’t excited about it. (Yes, technically, this is box #16!) When this one arrived, I started pulling things out and trying them on before I even read my note… I was too excited about everything. I should’ve known it had come from my favorite stylist, Julie. She’s been on an extended vacation, but she’s back… and I’m a happy camper! Her note was very personal, mentioning my need for longer maxi dresses, my request (from months ago) for more neutral sandals, a bag perfect for a busy mom… she even referenced my Pinterest board! She really does her homework and makes me feel important. Thanks Julie!

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a clothing subscription box for women (men’s version coming soon!). You fill out a style profile, link your style pinterest board (here’s mine), and a personal stylist picks five clothing and accessory items to send to you based on your preferences. You are charged a $20 styling fee when you’re box ships, but it’s applied to anything you decide to keep. You can choose how often you receive a fix; I get mine monthly.

What’s in the box?

Here’s what I got this month…

Gilli Ryland Maxi dress ($78)

Stitch Fix 15-1

I loved the floral print and colors on this one. Julie went up one size to make sure it was long enough for me, and it was! It’s also super comfortable and bra-friendly. Win-win-win! My only issue is the side view makes my rear look even bigger than it already is. I may regret it, but I’m probably sending this one back.

DV8 Darma Fringe Ankle Strap Sandal ($65)

Stitch Fix 15-2

These are really cute. I love the fringe tassel, love the neutral color, and the price isn’t too bad. Unfortunately, they seem a little two wide for my narrow feet. Almost great, but these are going back too.

Dear John Finnegan Roll Cuff Short ($58) and Ezra Maud Mixed Material Knit Top ($48)

Stitch Fix 15-3

These shorts. I’ve heard Dear John shorts were great, but this was the first time I’d tried them on for myself. I love the length, love the color, love the fit. I’ve already worn these out of the house, so – obviously – they’re staying with me! Julie sized up in the shirt because they were out of my size, and she knew I’d love it… and she’s right. I do love the shirt. But it’s just a tad too big, and I don’t love that the back is sheer. I don’t like having to layer in summer time.

Octavia Kavita Graphic Tote ($48)

Stitch Fix 15-4

I’m about 85% sure I have ‘no bags’ checked in my profile. Bags aren’t really my thing… but Julie saw something on my Pinterest board that made her think I might like this. And wouldn’t you know, she’s right. It’s even better in person than the pic. I love big bags, and I love all the color. Last thing I need is another bag, but I’m thinking about keeping this one anyway!

My tiny photographer

I have to give a shout out to my little sidekick, Jaylin. My full-length mirror had all it could take and shattered. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get pictures of all my outfits this month… Micah does NOT know how to get my good side! …and then Jaylin volunteered to help. I wasn’t optimistic about the outcome, but she was so sweet and did such a good job. We had so much fun! “Turn your head a little this way.” “You’re smiling a bit too big.” “Let’s try this spot over here by the fence.” “Mom, you look amazing!” I just love her to pieces! (For those that don’t know us personally, Jaylin is my 7 year old daughter.)

Are you ready to give Stitch Fix a try? If you use my referral link, we’ll both get $25 credit! But hurry, you have to receive your first box by July 28 for this offer to be valid! And Jaylin would be happy to help you snap some pics if you want to show your friends what you get! 😉


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Our adventures in snacking with Munchpak!

*This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking these links, we will be compensated (at no extra cost to you). Thank you for helping us live the dream!*

Do you follow us on Instagram? Did you see that picture of 23 banana peels I posted the other day? Our 5 little kids ate two WHOLE bunches of bananas in about ten minutes flat. We should probably enter them in eating competitions or something. This can’t be normal. The eating is out of control! Good news is, they’ll eat almost anything… so I was super excited to try Munchpak with them. I knew they’d be willing to give everything a little nibble, and I also knew it would be great entertainment for Micah and me.

What is Munchpak?

Munchpak is a very adventurous monthly snack box. They import and deliver snacks from all over the world. You can choose to get a Munchpak mini (5+ snacks for $9.95), the original Munchpak (10+ snacks for $19.95), or the Familypak (20+ snacks for $39.95). You can mark your preferences to personalize your box or just let them surprise you. You can also add drinks to your box for $5 extra. They ship worldwide, so order one for yourself and/or as a gift for your friends near and far!

We ordered the original Munchpak and downloaded the Snack Scanner app (available on iOS and Android) so that we could scan each snack to learn more about what we were eating!

Munchpak - 1

What did we get?

Guandy Culebritas Sour Snakes from Guatemala

Munchpak - 18Munchpak - 14

These  are little sour gummy worms. The kids loved them, and they were gone before I had a chance to grab one to try. I told you. They’re pigs.

Tinajita Knife hard candy from Mexico

Munchpak - 4Munchpak - 5

This one is a sucker in the shape of a pocket knife. Kinda strange, but Roman loved it and refused to share. Matter of fact, when we forced him to let Enzo try it…

Munchpak - 17

that happened.

Britannia Date Rolls from Oman

Munchpak - 6Munchpak - 13

Think fig newton, except with dates. My kids don’t like fig newtons, so they weren’t super excited about these either.

Signature Snacks Twinz caramel wafers from United Arab Emirates

Munchpak - 22

These were really good, way better than the cheap wafers from Walmart (although we like those too)! They had a strange, really sweet and delicious after taste too.

Bakers Topper custard flavored cream biscuits from South Africa

Munchpak - 7

These were okay. They kind of remind me of the no name brand vanilla Oreos. The kids weren’t impressed.

Trolli Sour Brite Octupus from the United States

Munchpak - 24Munchpak - 25

These (and all the Trolli brand gummies) have been a favorite of our kids for as long as I can remember. I knew they’d be excited when I saw these in the box.

Covered Bridge kettle cooked chips from Canada

Munchpak - 12

These were probably my favorite thing in the box. Unfortunately, they were a crowd favorite, and I only got a few. The Canadians are snackin’ right.

Taiwan Master strawberry corn cracker from Taiwan

Munchpak - 3

These smell like strawberry dog food. Not kidding. And since my kids have all eaten dog food at some point in their lives, I  should not have been surprised that they all liked these. Dylan ran away with the bag.

Yaokin Nagai Sour gummy (unknown origin)

Munchpak - 26

This one was really good. Perfect mix of sweet and sour. Our only complaint would be that we each only got one (pretty small) bite.

Uha Shigekix Soda (unknown origin)

Munchpak - 23Munchpak - 10

These are extremely sour, like war heads. We were all surprised by how sour they were, but we all liked them.

This last snack wouldn’t scan into the app, and the writing on the package is not a language I’m able to read. So… we aren’t sure what it is or where it came from. It is BY FAR the nastiest thing in the box! It is more of a savory snack, like pork rinds, but with a funky spice on it. Wouldn’t you know it though, Dylan loved it.

Munchpak - 8Munchpak - 21

Enzo tried it, but I’m pretty sure he regretted that decision…

Munchpak - 16

We were super impressed with our Munchpak. It was jam packed with snacks from all over the world. Some were good, some were not good, but the whole thing was so much fun. We enjoyed the experience as much as (or maybe more than) the food! You can visit the Munchpak website to learn more about all they have to offer, and get busy ordering your first box!
New and popular snacks from around the world

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A Family Guide to White Water Bay!

We had the chance to visit White Water Bay in Oklahoma City last week! We were lucky enough to have Mom, Granny and Uncle B here visiting… can never have enough help when we decide to leave the house with all 5 little ones! The park is a very easy one-hour drive from our house. It’s close enough for a day trip, but far enough away that you really want to be prepared to stay the whole day. Don’t worry, we have some tips for you to get the most out of your time (and money)!

Before you go

Buy your tickets online! They’re $28.99 for adults (anyone over 48″), $24.99 for children (anyone under 48″) and toddlers 2 and under are free. Adult tickets will cost you an extra $8 if you wait to purchase at the gate, and children’s tickets will be $4 more! That savings can really add up, especially if you have a crew the size of ours! (*Note: We were super bummed that we had to pay full price for my 86-year old Granny, who obviously was there only as a spectator. She did get the senior discount, but still.)

WhiteWaterBay - 1

Load up an ice chest full of drinks and snacks. You aren’t allowed to bring your cooler through the main gate, BUT you can pay $5 for cooler storage in a little picnic area. It’s easily accessible once you’re inside the park. Bottles of water were around $3 inside the park, so it’s well worth the $5 to bring in your own drinks at least!

Pack your sunscreen and pool floats. We weren’t sure if we should pack up all the baby floats or not, so we didn’t. Big mistake. There is a nice, long lazy river and a wave pool. You can rent tubes to float around in, but they’ll cost you $10 each for the day… OR just bring your own! Only downside is you’ll have to keep up with them all day, which could mean renting a locker if you don’t have a granny holding down the fort like we did. I will say, I noticed lots of people staking claim on a couple of chairs and leaving their stuff. It seemed pretty safe, but no guarantees. There are a limited number of life vests available to use for free.

Plan to come on a weekday. The parking attendant (parking costs $6 per car by the way) told us the best days to come are Mondays and Tuesdays. We went on a Thursday. It wasn’t terribly crowded. The longest we waited in line for a slide was 30 minutes. Many of the slides had zero wait, and the kiddie area had plenty of room.

The fun stuff

White Water Bay has completely revamped their kiddie area, complete with a new name – Barefootin’ Bay! Our kids LOVED it! The water around all the slides and play things was pretty shallow, and there were lifeguards and parents everywhere. Be aware, moms at this place are on high alert. One lady swooped up Roman because he was crying and she thought he was lost. She took off to report him as a lost child, and my mom (who was standing 2 feet away from him) had to chase her down to get him back!

The lifeguards were all super helpful and friendly, and one, named Dylan, let Jaylin wear his hat… She wasn’t sure what to think, but he was super nice and it made for a pretty cute pic! (Sorry moms in the background for including your booties in my blog post, but you’re lookin’ good!)

WhiteWaterBay - 4

Micah, Zander, and Uncle B are braver than the rest of us! They went down nearly every slide in the park, including that straight down green one! They all agreed that the blue one on the right was the most fun… you can ride it in a double tube with a friend!

White Water bay - 1

We also spent a lot of time floating around the lazy river (in our rented tube), tried to jump across the lily pads, did belly flops off the cliff jump, and chowed down on some pricey dip-n-dots ice cream! We ended up staying about 6 hours… way longer than we expected the kids and Granny to last. We had a great time, and survived the day with only a slight burn and mild exhaustion. We can’t wait to go back! If you’d like to learn more about White Water Bay, you can find loads of information on their website.

WhiteWaterBay - 3

A special thanks to White Water Bay and US Family Guide for providing us with tickets to the park. This compensation in no way influences the opinions expressed in this post.

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Lyon + Post Review #3

This is probably my 10th Lyon + Post box. I haven’t posted reviews for every one because they come too fast, and I just haven’t had time!

Here’s how this one works: Sign up on their website and choose items to add to your queue. Once you have 1-4 available items in your queue, they’ll ship you a box! If you have more than 4 available items in your queue, they’ll send the 4 on top. Be sure to arrange things in the order you’d like to receive them! You have a 7 day try on period before unwanted items are due back. Shipping is free both ways, and you’re only charged for items you decide to keep! Added bonus: if you sign up using my referral link, you’ll get a $30 credit! (I’ll also get a $30 credit once you decide to make a purchase, so THANK YOU!) As soon as they receive your returns, your next box will ship. That means you could get a box every single week! Luckily, they do send an email before they ship your box, so you can postpone for as long as you want… but you might miss out because items get waitlisted and/or sell out all the time!

If you’ve zipped over to check out the website, you’ve probably noticed that their price points are pretty high… don’t lose heart, there’s a great sale section!

Up first, Bailey44 Baby’s Breath dress in navy. This one is on sale for $56.70. I thought the extra fabric wrapped around the waist would be flattering, and I do love navy… but this one just didn’t feel right. It was very tight on top, a little too short, and the single piece of fabric in the back showed every line, bump, and dimple. Not good.

Lyon + Post - 3

Next, Bella Luxx Paneled T-shirt dress in black/natural. I love the color-blocking on this one, especially mixed with the stripes… but the fit was way off. Short in front, perfect length in back… too loose on top, a little snug around the hips and booty. I’m pretty sad this one didn’t work out, but my wallet isn’t; it’s on sale for $82.80.

Lyon + Post - 2

And lastly, n:Philanthropy Victoria Slouchy pant in Osaka and Lanston Racerback Tunic tank in Raspberry. I’m really liking this whole outfit. I’ll admit the pants are kind of weird, and my friends over in the Outfit of the Day group on Facebook were split 50/50 whether or not they liked them. I can’t decide either. The tank top is perfect. I love the fit, love the color, hate the $70 price tag (not on sale). The pants are on sale $52.50. I’m still undecided on these two. Help me make up my mind?

Lyon + Post - 1

…and that’s it for this box! If you want to see more, you can check out my 1st and 2nd reviews here and here!

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Jaylin’s 2nd Kidpik box!

Ever since I started getting Stitch Fix boxes (over a year ago!) Jaylin has begged for a box in her size. She’s 7. We finally found one! Kidpik is a subscription box for girls size 4-14. You can choose to order a one-time box, get one per season (4/year) or two per season (8/year). They send 5-7 items based on the profile you set up for your girl(s). Retail value of boxes is around $100, and they offer a 30% discount for keeping everything. Added bonus: If you don’t want to keep everything, but want the 30% discount… you can go ahead and pay the ‘keep all’ price, return the unwanted items, and Kidpik will donate them to charity! Can’t beat that!

Now here’s a question I get a lot: “What if you don’t like what comes in your box? Do you just lie in your review post?” This is a perfect example of how I handle those types of situations. Kidpik sent us a box a couple months ago. It was not great, included jeans, long sleeves, and sequins. Not at all what we needed (or wanted) headed into an Oklahoma summer. Jaylin and I were both disappointed. I emailed Kidpik and explained our frustration. They apologized and said they were working on a way to style boxes that were appropriate for different locations… and by the time this box came, I noticed if you fill out a profile, it now asks you to select your location! Looks like they’re following through with their promise, and our second box was a BIG success.

So basically, if I have a problem with something that’s sent to me, I try to reach out to the company before I just bash them here on the blog (or on social media). And it usually works out, as is the case with Kidpik. So enough rambling and on to what we got!

Kidpik - 1-3

Pocket Tee – Persian Jewel $6.50Kidpik - 1-5

Planet Tee – White $16.50

Kidpik - 1-8

Kidpik - 1-6

Hankerchief Stripe Dress $17.50

Kidpik - 1-10

Hi-Lo Active Tank – Fuchsia $12.50

Tie Dye Active Skirt – Ruum Navy $17.50

Kidpik - 1-9

Also pictured are the Jacklin Metallic Buckle Sandals $22.50. Not pictured is the Rhinestone Wrap Bracelet $4.50. Kidpik also sent a small bag of iron-on patches. I’m hoping to find a backpack or bag or something to iron those onto before she starts begging to put them on her clothes. They also sent a pretty cool, big coloring page.

Kidpik - 1-4

Kidpik - 1-7

The total for everything we received was $97.50, and the keep all price (with the 30% discount) was $68.25! Of course Jaylin loved everything, and it all fit perfectly… so we’re both gonna give Daddy a few extra smooches tonight and hope he says yes!

Kidpik does not currently have an affiliate or referral program, but if you’d like to sign up here is a link to their website! Feel free to tell them we sent you!

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A trip to Sam’s Club with my Little Movers

Yep, I loaded up my whole herd of little movers (again) to grocery shop, but this time at Sam’s Club! I know, I’m a glutton for punishment. But we needed food and trekking to Walmart two and three times a week isn’t working. If you’re following along on our Facebook page, then you know I’d planned to do the call ahead thing (Sam’s Club offers Club pickup, where you can place your order online and they’ll have it ready for you!) But – of course – my membership card was nowhere to be found, and you have to have your member number to place the order online! Next time.

It took me until 11:00 to get everybody dressed and loaded in the van, 11:00. We were half-way to Sam’s (it’s about 35 minutes from our house), when I remembered Zander had a birthday party at 2! No problem, but we’d have to hurry. I went ahead and offered everybody an ICEE bribe. How Sam’s wins in the ‘take-your-kids-grocery-shopping’ game = ICEE’s, samples, double-seater buggies. We got lucky with an excellent customer service associate, who had my new card ready for me in lightening speed.

We threw the three younger kids in one buggy – pushed by Uncle B – and I grabbed an empty one for groceries. We ran through that store like we were Olympic marathoners. So fast, in fact, that Dylan didn’t start trying to get out until we hit the diaper aisle, our last stop!

Huggies -2

We were able to turn that frown upside down by letting her get out for a couple minutes for, you guessed it, more pics in the grocery store! Even more happy news? Sam’s Club was offering $3 instant savings on Huggies Little Movers diapers (now through July 17th)! They’re the only diapers with a stretchy SnugFit waistband to help the diaper stay in place, perfect for our littlest mover! And the new and improved LEAK LOCK protection is even more absorbent! That’s enough to make us all smile!

Huggies - 5

I’m one lucky momma to have had my helpers with me. Zander had to work extra hard to get this GIANT box of diapers in the buggy.

Huggies - 3

We survived through checkout and made it back just in time for Zander’s buddy’s birthday party! And that big box proved handy in more ways than one; it fits a four-year-old perfectly! Enzo entertained himself for a good 30 minutes with this thing!

Huggies - 1

If you don’t have one already, I really encourage you to grab yourself a Sam’s Club membership! Buying in bulk can save you money and keep you from hanging out in the grocery store all week long! (…and ICEE’s …and SAMPLES …and TWO-SEATER CARTS!!!)

AND you can submit a photo of YOUR Little Mover for a chance to win a $500 Sam’s Club gift card! That’ll buy a LOT of diapers!

Special thanks to Huggies for sponsoring this post and encouraging us to try Huggies Little Movers diapers from Sam’s Club!

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Surviving Walmart alone, with 6 kids.

First day back from vacation and the kitchen is empty. As in, we had toasted hot dog buns and jelly for breakfast and spent a whopping $30 on fast food at lunch time. We’re not surviving around here another day without a grocery trip. Micah was running late from work, so I had no choice but to drag all 6 (yes, 6, my 13 year old brother is visiting for a little bit…) kiddos to Walmart with me. It’s really not as stressful as it sounds. Brandon is able to push a buggy for me, so we load the younger 3 with him, and I push a second cart for groceries. The hardest part, honestly, is enduring all the random, sometimes rude, comments. Listen people, these are my kids, and sometimes I do have to bring them ALL to the store with me… please just continue on with what you’re doing! We got this!

The trick to keeping the little ones from jumping out of the cart is food. My first stop is always the snack aisle. Today, the baby snack aisle.

gerbersnacks - 1

I let the kids think they’re picking, but I use my momnosis skills to influence them. We grabbed up Gerber’s new Lil’ Beanies snacks today! They’re the first bean-based snack, made from navy beans! When I first saw the name ‘Lil’ Beanies’ I was picturing beanie weenies, but they’re actually more like mini-cheeto puffs (much healthier and baby-approved, of course)! They have 2 grams of protein, 1 gram of fiber, and 10% daily value of Vitamin E in every serving, and they’re baked, contain zero genetically engineered ingredients, and are naturally flavored! We grabbed a can of original and a can of White Cheddar & Broccoli flavor, and the kids LOVED both!

gerbersnacks - 3

Dylan tried her best to keep the boys back, but it wasn’t working… thus, the second can… Each can is only $1.86 at Walmart! Same price as a king size candy bar, right? Don’t ask how I know that… momma has to have snacks too.

gerbersnacks - 5

Really Mom, pictures in Walmart?

gerbersnacks - 6

No big deal baby D, people are already staring anyway!

Which would you choose, Original or White Cheddar Broccoli? Both? You can make it happen! Pick some up for your little ones next time they’re with you at Walmart and you feel like making things a little easier on yourself. Added bonus, the cans are the perfect size for toddler hands!

Special thanks to Gerber and Walmart for sponsoring this post and allowing us to try these new snacks. Although we will be compensated for writing and sharing this information with you, the opinions expressed are our own.

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White Water Bay – Here we come!

We’ve been home from Branson a whole 3 hours, and we’re already busy planning our next adventure! Since Oklahoma summers are scorching hot, we’re sticking to activities that involve water and/or air conditioning as much as possible! White Water Bay in Oklahoma City is next on our list! (We were hoping the Lawton water park would be an option too, but looks like the floods hit them pretty hard! Maybe next year…)

Luckily, White Water Bay is the premiere water park in Oklahoma, featuring over 25 acres of water fun, including super-soaking raft rides, slides, and pools. From the thrills of RipQurl and Pipeline Wave, to the leisure of floating along Castaway Creek, the Bay has something for everyone. And now, all new in 2016 – Barefootin’ Bay! Kids Kove has become the ultimate family oasis with a new name and a whole new look! Barefootin’ Bay features a new colorful water play structure complete with over 35 interactive elements, two mini slides, and an 800-liter tipping bucket to make a super splash below, a perfect addition for our younger kids!

And the Dive-In Movies and Late Night Wednesdays sound like so much fun! We can’t wait to go and hope some of you will join us!

whitewater - 2

This is a sponsored post. In exchange for sharing all that White Water Bay has to offer, our family will be compensated with tickets to the park. Honest review coming soon!


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Three Things Thursday… glad this one’s over.

Let’s just get right into this.

1. Enzo is 15 weeks seizure free.

3things - enzo and mom

You read right! Still no seizures! We’re almost to 4 months! He’s still taking 4 doses of anti-seizure medications every day, and yesterday morning…

2. I gave Enzo’s medicine to Roman.

Enzo has to have his first two doses of medicine right when he wakes up. Yesterday, he crawled out of bed and met me in the kitchen. He was standing right by my leg while I opened the little capsule and mixed the contents with juice, just like I do every morning. While I worked, Enzo doodled off, and Roman stepped into his place next to my leg. They’re almost the same size, so I didn’t notice they’d switched places. I had already sent the first dose down his throat before I realized… WRONG KID!

I called Micah and started trying to gag Roman, who was screaming because he had no idea what his crazy, panicking mom was doing to him. Within minutes we had poison control on the phone. Turns out, one dose of Zonisamide may cause drowsiness, but that’s it. And it ended up not even having that effect on him (go figure). All is well.

During the whole ordeal, I kept thinking “What is wrong with me?”, “What kind of mom gives the wrong kid medicine?”, “Why would anybody trust me to take care of all these kids?” It didn’t help that half way through the ordeal, Jaylin reminded me that I’d once tried to give Enzo’s medicine to her and was lucky she’d stopped me. True story. I wanted to sit in the floor and cry (and I did for a minute or ten). Then I remembered that Enzo has been taking these medications for 18 months, twice a day. That’s over 1,000 times I’ve given medicine to the right kid! Isn’t that how we are though? A thousand things done right, undone with one mistake. I’m happy to report that my momfidence is creeping back up, and I’m expecting a full recovery by the weekend… that is, if I can ever finish packing and get us off on vacation!

3. Craziness

It’s been a crazy week all around. In our town, a little boy went missing. Four days ago. He still hasn’t been found. They’re searching, but it sounds like they have no leads. The Orlando shooting. The little boy pulled under water by an alligator at Disney World. Family members with cancer, friends of friends killed in car accidents. Scroll down my Facebook feed and it’s one thing after the other… Throw in politics and finger-pointing and it’s all a big discouraging mess. I want to pretend it isn’t happening and stay hidden in a corner with my subscription boxes. I’m honestly not sure how to respond to all of it, how to explain it to my kids. It feels weird going on with ‘normal’ life when there’s so much suffering… but what to do?

Do I keep posting about my ice cream treats and booger-pickin’ kids? Do I start sharing my political, parenting opinions trying to ‘help’? The answer is only in Jesus. He’s been here, he’s felt the suffering, and when it was too much to comprehend… he got alone with God. He went off into the wilderness, into a garden… and talked to His Father! A simple answer to a complicated situation. Just wish I remembered to do it more often.

Here’s hoping this next week comes with cheerful news, my tear ducts are empty.

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