My very first Wantable Fitness edit!

I’ve been wanting to try Wantable for a while now, but I have so many boxes showing up at my door every week right now that I’ve been putting it off. Well, they went and sent me a ‘no styling fee’ offer and I couldn’t resist…
Never heard of Wantable? It’s very similar to Stitch Fix. They charge a styling fee and deliver items hand-picked just for you based on your profile. Big difference is you can choose what kind of box you want (they call them edits): Fitness, Style, Makeup, Accessories or Intimates! I’m still trying to convince myself to be active, so (of course!) I chose the Fitness edit.
Here’s what I got…
Racerback Tank Royal Blue ($38)
Glyder Elongate Legging Spanish Tile Jacquard  ($70)
UPDATE: A reader told me to search for this brand of leggings on Amazon, and wouldn’t you know they have them! Not this exact pattern, but saw several in the $20-$40 range (like these!)
Racerback Tank Black ($38)
Printed Performance Capris Audio Levels ($75)
Found these on Amazon too, but they’re only $3 cheaper. I might wait for a sale…You can buy them here!
“Further” Cross Over Sports Bra ($56)


The sports bra is adorable, but it didn’t fit right. It felt like it wouldn’t stay in place, so it was an easy ‘no’ for me. The tank tops felt great, but I would’ve liked them a little longer. Also, they were $38. I have to really love a tank top to pay almost 40 bucks for it. And then there were the leggings. I almost shed real tears sending those back, especially the capris! They fit great and the colors were even better in person! I was so tempted to keep them, but just couldn’t justify the price tag. In the end, everything went back. I emailed Wantable and they adjusted my price points, so I’m going to try again and see if I can get more budget-friendly pieces next time. Great customer service, great clothes… looks like I’m hooked on another one!

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