Treatsie Box Review #1

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Well, just when we think the summer sun is here to stay… it starts raining again. Blah. Luckily, it hasn’t stopped our amazing mail lady! We’ve been having indoor entertainment in the form of subscription boxes! Our most recent one was a HUGE hit with all the kids (and Mommy & Daddy too)! It’s called Treatsie, and their subscription box comes full of candy and gourmet sweet treats from vendors around the country. Prices start at less than $20/month, and you can save by paying for quarterly or yearly subscriptions up front.

Treatsie - 6

You can also order single items from Treatsie’s online store if you don’t feel like waiting for a box to ship on the 15th, or you can add-on an item (or items!) to your box if you choose to! The options are endless, but you all know I love the ‘surprise’ element in a box… so that’s what we got (plus an add-on bonus treat!)

Treatsie - 7

Torie & Howard Chewie Fruities

Organic candy chews in delicious flavors suchs as Meyer lemon & raspberry, pomegranate & nectarine, and blood orange & honey.

Treatsie - 8

We all liked these. They’re comparable in texture to Starbursts, but much easier to bite through… and the flavors are WAY better! This bag was gone in about 70 seconds, not exaggerating. I had to hide a couple under a pillow so there’d be some left for Micah to try! If you’d like to try them, you can order here in Treatsie’s online store!

Finally Ginger Original Ginger Cookies

Sugar and lots of spice makes everything nice. Baked with three kinds of ginger, these cookies area spicy and sweet indulgence.

Treatsie - 5

I’ll admit, I thought these were pretty nasty… but Micah and Zander LOVED them. Micah said they made him wish he had some egg nog, and I’d have to agree they do taste like Christmas. I guess ginger just isn’t my thing… If you’re into it, you can purchase some here for only $3!

Belgian Boys Caramel Stroopwafels

Crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The best of both worlds is given to you in an authentic Dutch waffle cookie filled with an irresistible caramel filling.

Treatsie - 3

We all liked this one too! Micah & Brandon both said they’d had these on an airplane… pretty fancy for plane food if you ask me. They must be flying in the front of the plane; I don’t know anything about that! Anyway, it was very tasty and Zander hogged most of it! These are also available for purchase in the Treatsie store here.

Raley’s Confectionary Acid Drops Hard Candy

An old-fashioned sour candy with plenty of flavor. Assortment contains green apple, orange, cherry, and raspberry.

Treatsie - 4

These are basically fancy jolly ranchers… The sourness is pretty mild on most of the flavors. We all liked these too, especially the green apple ones! …and you guessed it… they’re available for purchase in the online store right here!

We had one add-on item in addition to the subscription box: Love, Cookie Butter Pecan Praline cookies!

Treatsie - 1

These were SO good! Roman and I ate more than our share of these while the others were wrapped up in the ginger cookies! You can buy them here.

We were very impressed with our first Treatsie box! I loved that they don’t send just candy, but a mix of all kinds of sweet treats. It’s a sweet snack box that’s appropriate for both children and adults, and would make an amazing gift!

Speaking of gifts, Father’s Day is THIS weekend! Treatsie has a special Father’s Day Assortment available that Dad is sure to love! (…and if he doesn’t, more for you and the kids!)

Send dad a Father’s Day assortment from
Give the gift of Treatsie artisan sweets!

Special thanks to Treatsie for sending us their subscription box and an add-on item to try and review. Opinions expressed here are always our own!

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