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I remember a time when my sister and I were about 8 and 9. We had stopped at the Piercing Pagoda in the middle of the mall because my sister wanted her ears pierced. My mom offered to let me get mine done too, but I talked her into buying me the book Charlotte’s Web instead. I sat on a mall bench with my nose buried in that book while my sister had needles poked through her ears. My love for reading started early and continues into my adult years… and now I’m trying to pass that love on to our kids. We’ve definitely done our part to keep Scholastic and Usborne in business! And now I’ve found another fun way to get them excited about reading: the Story Box!

StoryBox - 1The Story Box is a monthly subscription box for kids. They have three different options to chose from: Board Books (for ages 0-2.5), Picture Books (for ages 2.5-6), and a Family Package (for families with children in both age ranges, like mine). We received the Family Package. Prices range from $14.99-$19.99 for a one month subscription. You can save by purchasing a 3 or 6 month package! The books in each box are hand selected by a Speech Pathologist to meet the needs and interests of your children!

The Family Package is basically ‘half’ of each of the other boxes, one board book for the younger kids and one picture book for the older ones. The board book comes with a tip card, including helpful and encouraging information for the parents. The picture book comes with a parent guide, ideas about how to make the book interactive for each age group.

StoryBox - 7Our board book was called In My Meadow. The bunny is a little finger puppet! Jaylin was excited to read it to Dylan, and Enzo was happy to assist… but only if he could wear his googles, because they matched the book (obviously).

StoryBox - 4They were all impressed with the finger puppet. Dylan loves bunnies, so this was a huge hit with her! Short phrases on each page made for quick reading, which is absolutely necessary with her short attention span!

StoryBox - 5

She was quick to claim this one as hers and spent a pretty long time looking through the book on her own.

StoryBox - 8

Our picture book was called and the cars go… and we have three boys (especially that goggled one) that LOVE cars, so this was a hit for sure. It was a cute, easy-to-read story, complete with all kinds of noisy vehicles. They thought it was funny and were quick to repeat all the silly noises.

StoryBox - 10Roman read through it a second time and remembered almost every noise for each car!

StoryBox - 9

The End!

StoryBox - 2

This is the Parent’s Guide that came with the picture book. It has ideas for additional activities related to the book, including color matching, drawing roads with chalk, and recreating the traffic jam in the story with your own toy cars.

I looked up both books on Amazon. And the cars go… is $14.42 and In My Meadow is $6.77. That’s a total of over $20, and this box would cost you only $17.99 (or less with a bundle) with free shipping! Not to mention the value of having a Speech Therapist pick the books for you! If your child loves to read (or if you want them to love to read), this a great way to encourage them and add to your book collection. The Story Box subscription would also make an amazing, unique gift for teachers, baby showers, birthdays, or even just a random gift for the grandkids (wink, wink)! If you’re interested in learning more, you can visit their website by clicking here!

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