Mac & Mia Box #1

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I recently posted on the Stitch Fix BST page asking if anyone new of a clothing subscription box for kids. Jaylin has been begging for a Stitch Fix box of her own for a while now. She may not look much like me, but the girl has definitely got some of my habits! I got two recommendations, one for KidPik and one for Mac and Mia. I looked into KidPik first, and quickly signed Jaylin up… They have really affordable, cute clothes. and they send seasonal boxes! Unfortunately, we found out the wait for the first box can be up to FOUR weeks. Nobody in our house is all that patient, so I looked into Mac and Mia too. Sadly, more disappointment. They only send boxes for children up to size 6, and Jaylin is in 7’s and 8’s. But all was not lost! I went ahead and signed Dylan up! And wouldn’t you know we had a box within a week! Jaylin was sad, but she was excited for Dylan too… and only THREE weeks now until her KidPik box will be here (hopefully)! We’ll be sure to post all about it when it gets here.

Mac and Mia works very similar to Stitch Fix. You fill out a short style profile for the child (or children) you’re signing up. Dylan’s stylist (yes, my 1 year old now has a stylist!) emailed me to ask more about her and what we were looking for… I told her that Dylan loves comfortable clothes, bright colors, Minnie Mouse, polka dots, and flowers, and that it’s already getting hot here in Oklahoma. We emailed back and forth a couple times AND we received a very personalized note in our box. Two thumbs up for customer service! When your box ships, you’re charged a $20 styling fee. It’s applied to purchases if you keep two items. Now, on to the fun stuff…

Miki Miette Skye Shorts ($34) and Maui Caftan Top ($38)

MacandMia - 1-10

Ok, so I should add that the average price per item with Mac and Mia  is $35. I did ask that they keep budget in mind, but these are boutique brands… so this is probably the lowest price point we’re gonna see in this box. Luckily for the budget, Dylan was not too happy with the elastic waistband in this outfit!

MacandMia - 1-7

It’s back in the box.

Joules Bright Floral drop waist dress ($48)

MacandMia - 1-4

There’s the flowers we asked for!  Dylan liked this one, but I’m not sure it fit right… It’s sized 2/3 and is just a little too big on her. Plus, she has a little baby pot belly, and I’m not sure drop waist works with that.

Everbloom Polka Dot bubble shorts ($35), Nano Racer back tunic ($22), and Peppercorn Kids Summer Floral loveable necklace ($12)

MacandMia - 1-2

MacandMia - 1-12

MacandMia - 1-11

Loved this little white tank! The necklace was super cute too, but she refused to keep it on. The shorts are bright and polka-dotted, two things we asked for… but the fabric is kind of stiff. We’re undecided about them.

JoJo Maman Bebe Brenton Stripe dress ($32)

MacandMia - 1-8

MacandMia - 1-1

I think her faces pretty much sums up our feelings on this one. Drop waists definitely aren’t her thing, now we know…

JoJo Maman Bebe Broderie Angelise dress ($36)

MacandMia - 1-3

This one is a keeper! We loved everything about it!

Overall, I was super impressed with this box. It’s very personal. The stylist, Lindsay, really listened to everything I told her about Dylan and what we wanted. The prices were the only thing I wasn’t crazy about, but they do offer a 15% discount if you keep the entire box. We could keep everything in this box for less than $200. It’s no Target, but not completely outrageous either. I’m thinking we’ll keep the Broderie dress and the racer back tank for sure, maybe the polka dot shorts too. This is definitely something I’d like to try again… sure wish they had Jaylin’s size!

Do you have a child that you’d like to get a box for? Mac and Mia offers boxes for girls and boys, up to size 6! Get started by clicking here!

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