Lyon + Post Review #4

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You may have seen a preview of this one on Instagram. Every time I get a Lyon+Post box in the mail, I’m pleasantly surprised by the quality of the clothes. They’re always better in person than on the website. Unfortunately, I’m also always in for a little sticker shock. I mean, they are great quality, name brand clothes… but it’s hard for a Target girl to get used to! Thank goodness for the referral program – more on that after the pictures!

What is Lyon+Post?

Lyon+Post is a clothing subscription service, but it works a little differently than the ones you may already know about. After you sign up on their website, you begin shopping and adding things to your queue. Once you have 1-4 items in your queue that are available, they’ll send them to you. If you have more than 4 available items in your queue, they’ll send the top 4. You want to be sure to arrange it so that your favorites are on top! Once your box arrives, you have 7 days to try everything on and return unwanted items. Shipping is free both ways, no styling fees, and you only pay for what you keep!

What’s in the box?

Greylin Laya Colorblock Woven Dress ($99.75 on sale)

Lyon Post - 2

I’m loving everything about this dress, the fit, the soft (and forgiving) fabric, the length, the bold color-blocking… only thing holding me back is the price. It is my birthday this week, so I might can swing it. We’ll see.

BB Dakota Caleb Blazer ($59.06 on sale)

Lyon Post - 1

I really wanted to like this. The price is great, and I have several white blazers pinned over on my Pinterest style board. But Jaylin was totally right when she said it looked like a lab coat. She also asked if I was going to start working in a big, tall building. She’s got lots of jokes apparently… probably because she was mad at me for making her take a bazillion pictures in the 100 degree heat. At any rate, the blazer is already in the box to go back.

BB Dakota Desilva Dress ($59.25 on sale)

Lyon Post - 3

This dress was super cute and very comfortable. If it were about 3 or 4 inches longer it would be in my closet. As it is though, one small wind gust and we’d have problems. I could probably wear it as a tunic with leggings, but it’s almost too long for that… and definitely too hot outside for leggings!

My 4th item in this box were the n:Philanthropy Christi Pants. I didn’t get a pic in them because they were so big they fell right off of me. They’re super cool, light denim with splatter-painted bleach spots all over them. I may put them back in my queue in a smaller size for next time!

I’m still debating the red dress, but everything else is going back this time. What would you do? I’d love to hear what you thought about the box. Be sure to leave me a comment, I read and appreciate them all!

Ready to join in the fun? If you use my referral link to sign up with Lyon+Post, you’ll get $30 credit! That means you can get a great deal on your first piece, maybe even something for FREE! Full disclosure: I’ll also get $30 credit, but not until you make a purchase. PS: $30 a pop for referrals adds up quickly, and you can start referring friends as soon as you sign up!



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Lyon + Post Review #3

This is probably my 10th Lyon + Post box. I haven’t posted reviews for every one because they come too fast, and I just haven’t had time!

Here’s how this one works: Sign up on their website and choose items to add to your queue. Once you have 1-4 available items in your queue, they’ll ship you a box! If you have more than 4 available items in your queue, they’ll send the 4 on top. Be sure to arrange things in the order you’d like to receive them! You have a 7 day try on period before unwanted items are due back. Shipping is free both ways, and you’re only charged for items you decide to keep! Added bonus: if you sign up using my referral link, you’ll get a $30 credit! (I’ll also get a $30 credit once you decide to make a purchase, so THANK YOU!) As soon as they receive your returns, your next box will ship. That means you could get a box every single week! Luckily, they do send an email before they ship your box, so you can postpone for as long as you want… but you might miss out because items get waitlisted and/or sell out all the time!

If you’ve zipped over to check out the website, you’ve probably noticed that their price points are pretty high… don’t lose heart, there’s a great sale section!

Up first, Bailey44 Baby’s Breath dress in navy. This one is on sale for $56.70. I thought the extra fabric wrapped around the waist would be flattering, and I do love navy… but this one just didn’t feel right. It was very tight on top, a little too short, and the single piece of fabric in the back showed every line, bump, and dimple. Not good.

Lyon + Post - 3

Next, Bella Luxx Paneled T-shirt dress in black/natural. I love the color-blocking on this one, especially mixed with the stripes… but the fit was way off. Short in front, perfect length in back… too loose on top, a little snug around the hips and booty. I’m pretty sad this one didn’t work out, but my wallet isn’t; it’s on sale for $82.80.

Lyon + Post - 2

And lastly, n:Philanthropy Victoria Slouchy pant in Osaka and Lanston Racerback Tunic tank in Raspberry. I’m really liking this whole outfit. I’ll admit the pants are kind of weird, and my friends over in the Outfit of the Day group on Facebook were split 50/50 whether or not they liked them. I can’t decide either. The tank top is perfect. I love the fit, love the color, hate the $70 price tag (not on sale). The pants are on sale $52.50. I’m still undecided on these two. Help me make up my mind?

Lyon + Post - 1

…and that’s it for this box! If you want to see more, you can check out my 1st and 2nd reviews here and here!

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Lyon + Post Review #2

***This post contains affiliate and/or referral links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking!***

If you missed my first Lyon + Post review I’ll fill you in right quick on how it works. You create an account on the Lyon + Post website, start shopping and adding things to your ‘queue’. Once your queue has 4 available items in it, they ship your box (within 24 hours)! If you have more than 4 available items in your queue, they ship the 4 on top… so be sure to arrange your queue in the order you want to try things. I’m learning as I go here, and turns out that once you ship items you don’t want back (or tell them you want to keep everything), your next box ships right away! Happy surprise! I had added more expensive things to my queue this time. One thing I really love about Lyon+ Post is that you can try things you normally may not (because they’re pricey – or just a little weird), and there’s zero risk! Shipping is free both ways, you only pay for what you keep, and you get $30 credit if you sign up using my referral link! You’ll also get $30 credit every time someone you refer makes a purchase! Be sure to shop the sale section! Many of their items are high-end and pricey, but you can find great deals if you hunt!

Ok, so ready to see box #2?

n:Philanthropy Boyfriend shorts ($109.50 on sale)

LyonPost 2-5 LyonPost 2-6

I mean $110 for shorts is crazy, right? I do have a little credit, but it’s still not enough for me to wrap my head around that price tag. Could 10 more of you go sign up so I can increase my Lyon + Post budget? Please?! These shorts are great, super comfortable, perfect length and color… but I just can’t. (sad face) <White Pocket tee is part of my #momuniform  from Two Scrambled Eggs!>

Ibt-Ibt Dew Romper/Overalls ($85.20 on sale)

LyonPost 2-4

This was like soft, adult-sized baby clothes. Good.. and bad… and strange. Front wedgie and saggy bottom, a big NOPE.

Bailey44 Dynamite Dress ($59.15 on sale)

LyonPost 2-2 LyonPost 2-3

I liked this one okay. The fabric is nice and thick, and I love to wear red. I just wasn’t too sure about the ruffles. I haven’t sent my box back yet because I can’t decide on this one. What do you think?

Cynthia Vincent Shirt Jumper ($127.75 on sale)

LyonPost 2-1

This thing is both expensive and weird, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love it! It’s basically a prison jumpsuit in snake print, and it would be a comedy every time I had to go to the bathroom… but it hurts me to send it back.

I’m leaning toward sending the whole box back this time, but I think I’ll take one more day to decide. Good thing they give a 7 day try-on period! Would love to hear what you think!


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Lyon + Post Review #1

I titled this review #1, because there will most definitely be more. One box and I’m in love with this company. Lyon + Post is an online shopping experience like no other, combining normal online shopping with the very popular – especially with me – subscription box. Here’s how it works… You sign up and start adding things to your shopping cart. Except, with Lyon + Post, your shopping cart works like a queue. You organize items in your queue in the order you like them, and when 4 of your items are available, they ship them to you – get this – in 24 hours. I signed up on a Saturday and had my box on the following Wednesday! You do have to enter a credit card, but it is completely FREE to try! No shipping charges in either direction, no holds on your card, nothing. Added bonus: if you use a friend’s referral link, you get $30 credit! I’ll be your friend and give you the link: Click here! I should admit, if you use my link I also get $30 credit (after you make a purchase). Once you sign up, you can start referring your friends and racking up the credit too! Oh, one more catch, a lot of the clothes are pretty pricey. Just shop the sale items. I found plenty of things there under $50, as you’ll see in a just a minute… and several under $30, meaning you could get something completely FREE! Who doesn’t like free?

Ok, so let’s get to it!

LyonPost 1-5

Mikeys Silk Strappy Maxi Dress ($89.50 on sale)

This was the one thing I just really didn’t like on me. It was too big on top, and the colors washed me out. It actually looks a little better in the picture than it did in real life. Anyway, it’s going back.

LyonPost 1-4

Muscle Pick Up Top ($25.55 on sale)

Opposite the dress, this tank is much cuter in person than the pic! Its comfortable and the side tuck thing is SEWN in! AND, did you notice that it’s less than $30? Yep, that makes it FREE! I wore it out of the house today, so – obviously – it’s mine!

LyonPost 1-1

Pleated Short ($39.90 on sale)

These shorts have a high waist, side zipper, thick material, and pockets! Not to mention, they’re one of my favorite colors to wear! Hoping one of my friends that have signed up make a purchase in the next day or two so I can get these free too!

LyonPost 1-3

Porter Jumper ($61.50 on sale)

Saved my favorite for last! I might have to let them charge the card for this one! And I’m sorry in advance to everybody that will have to see me wear this ALL summer long!

Now, what are you waiting for? Scroll back to the top, click that link, and GO SIGN UP! Would love for you to come back and tell me what you get!


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