Little Passports #3

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Well, this will be our last installment of Little Passports, at least for now. I considered extending the subscription, but we’re gonna be trying out a couple other kid subscription boxes this summer, and I don’t want to be on overload! Maybe by the time school starts back in August I can do a post comparing them all and share our favorites. That said, this one has been awesome. We’ve been doing Little Passports Early Explorers subscription, which is geared toward children aged 3-5, for 3 months now and have really enjoyed it! (You can see box one and two here and here!)

This month’s box was themed ‘Passport to World Music’. (Box 1 was Intro to Continents and box 2 was Landmarks.) This box included an activity book full of fun things for Enzo and Roman, like matching instruments to continents, learning about less and more with musical notes, search and find maracas, identifying identical didgeridoos, to name a few. The boys always have fun with the activity books, and we rotate who’s working in the book and who’s playing with the other fun stuff in the box.

Little Passports - 3-2

We also got a CD with fun songs from around the world (La Cucaracha, Waltzing Matilda, Ah Sailor, etc), stickers to add to our map, instrument flash cards, a post card from Max & Mia, a hang tag and sticker for our suitcase from Box 1, and another flash light activity (a favorite in Box 2). The CD was a crowd favorite, but we don’t own an actual CD player… had to take a little road trip around town to listen to it, but I think that made it all the more fun for them! They always fight over the stickers and flashlight card. I love that they’re having fun and learning something. Makes this a perfect indoor summer activity.

Little Passports - 3-1

We were awake all night listening to booming thunder and the occasional tornado siren, and lots of places in our town lost power, including the schools. You know what that means… 2 extra kids ‘helping’ us open our box today. The Early Explorer boxes are definitely geared toward the younger kids, but my 6 and 7 year old love it too!

Little Passports - 3-3

When I have a chance to revisit Little Passports, I may go for their USA edition that caters more to them (kids aged 7-12). If you’re on the fence about trying Little Passports, I really encourage you to visit their website and see what all they have to offer. There are lots of options, and a single box is only $21 shipped. That’s cheaper than a trip to McDonald’s for us!

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Little Passports #2

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Today has been crazy. Dylan cried because I didn’t have her corn dog ready the instant she wanted it, Enzo cried because Roman got the last yogurt, and Roman cried, well, because he’s Roman. I thought about joining them and crying too, especially after the gallon of Crystal Light spilled into every crevice of the fridge after Roman kicked it trying to find another yogurt for Enzo. Nap time couldn’t come soon enough. Unfortunately Dylan is usually the only one doing any napping around here… so I’m always hunting ways to entertain the other two without losing my mind! Lucky for me, our second Little Passports box arrived just yesterday!

Little Passports - 2-6

The boys were super excited! We got out our World map from the first box and spread it out on the table. “Look, America!” from Enzo. I was excited he remembered! This ‘box’ actually came in an envelope, but it was no less packed with fun than the first box.. The theme this time was World landmarks. Included was a note from Max, Mia and Toby (the little explorers that guide the kids on their Little Passports journey), a new activity book, landmark stickers to add to our map, a flashlight activity (that the boys LOVED!), a hang tag and sticker for our Little Passports suitcase, a Leaning Tower of Pisa post card, landmarks trading cards, and small landmark trinkets (another kid favorite).

Little Passports - 2-4Little Passports - 2-3

Jaylin and Zander weren’t home this time to steal away the activity book, so the boys got to do all of it. All of the activities were age appropriate for them (patterns, mazes, matching, etc.) and they really enjoyed it. It’s amazing what a little organized activity does to calm them (and me)! Plus, they’re learning!

Little Passports - 2-5Little Passports - 2-2

They had a great time using the little ‘flashlight’ to find the hidden landmarks on this card. And, they took turns!

Little Passports - 2-1

We added the landmark stickers to the World map. I’m still impressed with the durability of this thing… It’s survived a whole month in the Stewart house! That’s really saying something. After stickers, we placed the trinkets where they belonged on the map and I read to them the information about each landmark on the trading cards and in the activity book.  We really had a lot of fun with this and it helped make a would-be hectic afternoon go super smooth! ….AND it was Earth Day! Like I had it all planned! #winning

We were given a 3 month subscription to Little Passport’s Early Explorers Subscription, specifically geared toward children aged 3-5, at no cost to us for review purposes. Monthly subscriptions are $17.95, but you can save by committing to 6 month or 12 month plans! They also offer a World Edition subscription for children aged 6-10 and a USA Edition subscription for children aged 7-12! There’s something for everybody, and I promise your whole family will love it! What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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Little Passports #1

Little Passports

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This box couldn’t have come at a better time! The kids are out for Spring Break. I haven’t had all 5 of them home ALL day for this many days in a row since last summer! Their attention spans are tiny, and I was running out of ways to entertain them before the weekend was over! Enter Little Passports! I signed up to get the Early Explorer box, designed for preschool aged kids… and it’s perfect for Enzo & Roman. There are other options for older kids.

This first box was an introduction to Early Explorers. The Little Passports explorers, Max and Mia, and their dog, Toby, guide the kids as they learn about the world. This box taught them about the 7 continents. Everything came in this little suitcase that Enzo LOVED!

Little Passports - 5

You’ll notice by the pictures that once we got into the box, Enzo took over like it was his. Roman was tired and uninterested, and I didn’t push it since Enzo was so excited to do it by himself. Jaylin and Zander tried really hard to take over, as you’ll see, but Enzo stood his ground. Typical.

The first task was to decorate the suitcase with stickers from each continent. Enzo allowed Jaylin and Zander to help, but they were only given one sticker each. I didn’t feel too bad for them. The last kids’ subscription box we tried (Kiwi Crate) was all about them, so it was Enzo’s turn.

Little Passports - 3

Next, there was a letter from Max and Mia, a postcard, and an Activity Book. Enzo had fun matching more continent stickers to their spots in his ‘passport’. While he was working on that, Jaylin and Zander did some of the activities in the book, and I read them the fun facts that were included about each continent.

Little Passports - 2

Also included in the suitcase was a World map! The kids all loved this. It was really big and surprisingly durable… they climbed and crawled all over it and no tears (yet)! They liked for me to ask them ‘Where’s North America?’ and race to be the first to point it out. They learned the locations pretty fast. We might be needing a globe in the near future, because they didn’t understand why Antarctica was on the bottom!

Little Passports - 1

In the coming months, Max and Mia told us to look forward to learning about landmarks, music, and animals from around the world! We’re excited to keep learning. I love that this box not only entertained them for about an hour, but taught them something new! I think we’re all looking forward to the next installment!

Ready to try Little Passports with your kids? Subscriptions for the Early Explorer box are less than $20/month! You can learn more about all Little Passports has to offer by clicking here!

I’m a Little Passports affiliate and received this box at no cost to me. However, the opinions and thoughts are all my own! Are you a blogger and interested in being affiliated with Little Passports? You can apply here!


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Little Passports: Coming Soon!

Enzo & Roman (…and baby D) don’t have school on Mondays and Fridays… so obviously they’re my most challenging days of the week! If I want them to be smooth (and avoid yanking every hair out of my head), I have to have a plan, a routine, FOOD, and entertainment. You know I love a good subscription box, and this one is all about entertaining (and educating) the kids! I really think it’ll be a fun thing for us to incorporate into our not-at-school days.

They let you choose a subscription plan and what kind of adventure you want for your kids. They have options for kids aged 3-12: Early Explorers, World Edition and USA Edition. I’m about to get started with a 3 month subscription for our kids… Want to do it with us? Sign up here! And stay tuned for our reviews!*This post contains affiliate/referral links and I will be compensated if you make purchases after clicking them.

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