Do I look like Kate Hudson yet? – a Fabletics Review

Despite being a typical avoider of all things active, I love me some activewear! So naturally I’ve found myself cruising around Kate Hudson’s Fabletics website more times than I’d like to admit. I started filling out my profile back in November, but chickened out when I got to the ‘give me your money’ part. A short while later I got a little extra motivation to complete the sign-up in the form of 75% off my first outfit! I couldn’t resist!

I had a great selection of outfits (all under $15!) to choose from. I picked the Salar Capri in Arctic/Black sub (regular $49.95, VIP price $34.95) and the Olympus tank in Perfect Peak Black (regular $34.95, VIP price $24.95).
My grand total with tax and shipping was $12.49.
…and both pieces fit me! I don’t love to wear tight on top and tight on bottom. So I’d probably never wear these two together, but I do like them. Both pieces are decent quality; I’d compare them to the Target brand activewear, which I happen to love. And for $12.49? Yep, I’m happy.
Now, to get the great pricing on your first outfit you’ll have to sign up for their VIP program. Basically, you are committing to a monthly subscription. They’ll send you an email at the beginning of the month with a bunch of outfits to choose from. Prices start $49.95 for a complete outfit. You can choose to skip the month if you want to. If you don’t skip the month and don’t pick an outfit to purchase, you will be charged $49.95. It will sit in your account as a credit. I skipped the month of January to buy some time for me to decide what to do next.
There’s just no way I could justify to Mr. Stewart that I needed to spend $50 a month on activewear to wear while being non-active, so I reluctantly called to cancel. I’ve heard from others that have tried this service that cancellation is a pain. Mine went something like this:
‘Hey, I need to cancel my VIP membership.’
‘Okay, I’m sorry to hear that, may I ask why?’
(sadly) ‘Finances.’
‘Is there anything we can do to make you stay?’
‘Okay then, please know you can still make purchases at and sign back up for a VIP membership at any time.’
I paraphrased, but that’s pretty much it. Bet I wasn’t on the phone more than 3 minutes. No extra charges on my card. No problems.
 I made Micah take pictures of me trying some of Kate Hudson’s poses from the ads (with full intention of sharing here, but – hahaha – nope!) It turns out I look NOTHING like her, even with the outfit. Bummer. But seriously, customer service was great, clothes were good, and, believe it or not, the outfit (along with failing the Kate-Hudson-wannabe poses) encouraged me to go join Planet Fitness. Not kidding. That’s a whole ‘nother post, but let me just tell you – they have massage chairs.
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