Oh the Sweetness! Candy Club Box #2

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By far the kids most favorite kind of box to get in the mail… CANDY! We put the toothbrushes on standby and headed out to the backyard to give everything a taste… and wouldn’t you know the little scavengers had already snuck into the box and eaten all of the sweet little baby blue cotton candy saltwater taffy sprinkled in the box! I didn’t even get a picture, much less a taste! They must’ve been good… you’ll have to ask the kids. No worries though, Candy Club sent three other sweet treats, and I did NOT miss out on those!

Candy Club - 2-4

What is Candy Club?

If you haven’t already guessed, it’s a monthly candy subscription box. You can pay month-to-month ($27.99), or save by paying for 6 or 12 months up front. Once you sign up, there are a couple options. In the past, you simply would choose to be in Club Sweet, Club Sour, or Club Mix. Candies were chosen for you based on the club you chose. You can still get a box this way and have everything be a surprise… or, if you’re a control freak like me, Candy Club now has a custom option! You can choose the exact candies they’ll send! Either way, your sweet tooth will thank you… your dentist, not so much.

What’d we get?

‘Pucker up and savor! These delicious sour belts will tantalize your taste buds with cherry flavor that will have you smacking your lips and begging for more. Hold on tight and get ready for a wild cherry flavored thrill ride!’
Candy Club - 2-5Candy Club - 2-6
Initial thought: Sweet. Final thought: Sour. These were so good that the kids (and Mom and Dad) were fighting over them. Candy Club packs each little canister with candy though, so there was plenty to go around!

‘These bite-sized candies are sweetly satisfying with the classic flavors of orange and cream. Your taste buds will be treated to the memory of an old-fashioned Creamsicle® with every chewy bite.’
Candy Club - 2-2
I did not like these at all. They remind me of those little gummy peanut things my grandmama always had in her pantry. We used to go door to door selling them for a nickel a piece until we had enough to buy ice cream instead. Her neighbors were suckers for smiling kids! Anyway, back to the candy. I didn’t like them, but the canister was empty by nightfall, so safe to say the kids loved them!

‘Get ready for endless combinations of delicious gourmet jelly beans! Gimbal’s delights our taste buds with a myriad of flavors like new pomegranate, ice cream cake, super fruit fusion, honey, mango, sour cherry, and kiwi strawberry smoothie to name just a few!’
Candy Club - 2-7
I mean, it’s jelly beans. Everybody loves jelly beans! Some were good, some were ok, and some – of course – were spit out. These actually lasted a few days around the house because there were so many! They make for great potty training rewards!
As always, Candy Club did not disappoint. We had a blast trying everything, and the kids were thrilled for the treat! If you’re ready to give them a try (or send a box as a gift!), you can sign up here!
Candy Club - 2-3
The kids and I send a big thank you to Candy Club for sending us their box to review. Opinions expressed in this post are all our own!
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Candy Club Review

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Never heard of Candy Club? It’s exactly what it sounds like… a monthly subscription service that sends CANDY to your door every month! A DREAM come true for the Stewart kids, and probably yours too. When you land on their site you take a Taste Profile Quiz that helps you decide if you want their Club Favorites (a mix of Sours & Classics), Club Classics (“…timeless, nostalgic, hard-to-find confections…”), or Club Sours & More (“…modern candies with mouth-puckering zest…”). If you don’t like the choice the quiz makes for you, you’re free to change it up. My quiz suggested I go for the Club Favorites, and I agreed!
Here’s what we got…
Sweet’s Nummy Cubbies Fruit Snacks
These are made with real fruit juice, certified Kosher Pareve, and include Cherry, Lemon, Orange, Sour Apple, and Grape flavors. They’re similar to regular gummi bears, but very dense. I wasn’t a big fan and highly recommend avoiding the grape! The kids loved them (of course), so they won’t last long around here.
Nassau Milk Chocolate Sponge
These are chocolate covered caramelized molasses sugar. The inside is light and airy, like a wafer. I really liked these, but the kids weren’t too sure. I think they’re just used to Kit Kats and Snickers, and this is definitely not that.
Gerrit J. Verburg Sour Blockheads
These were very sour and hard to chew, but (as you can see) definitely a crowd favorite!
There were also Primrose Peanut Butter Barrels sprinkled in the box. They were very tasty!
The whole family enjoyed this box. It had a surprisingly large amount of candy in it! I’m not sure we’d sign up for a monthly subscription… only because we can’t afford all the cavities (or calories), but it’s definitely fun for a special treat! It would also make a great surprise gift for my nieces and nephews!
Ready to give Candy Club a try? You can sign up here and get 50% off and free shipping on your first box!
***I received this box to review at no cost to me, but the opinions are all mine!***
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