Bombfell #3

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Micah just got his third box from Bombfell! If you aren’t familiar with Bombfell, it’s a clothing subscription box similar to Stitch Fix, except that it’s for men and they don’t charge a styling fee! Matter of fact, they’ll give you $25 credit towards your first box if you use our referral link! Just click here to get started! Our experience has been great so far! Their customer service is great. The prices are a little on the high side, but it’s pretty easy to get referral credit and no risk to give them a shot!

So here’s what came in this box…

Howe King Slayer Hooded Jacket ($150)
Johnnie-O Jack Classic Stripe Polo ($75)
Big Star Union Straight Jeans ($99)
Johnnie-O Laurel Tweener Shirt ($98)
Sons of Fortune Denton Twill Blazer ($149)


He had requested a blazer or sports coat in this box and was happy to get this one. It’s a great fit and we both liked the navy color. He also loved the black jacket. The long sleeve shirt and jeans were okay, but nothing extraordinary… especially not for the price. He didn’t like the polo shirt at all. The blue was very spring-ish, and he tends to dislike smaller stripes like that.
I did find the Johnnie-O polo and long sleeve shirt on amazon. They seem like really good quality, so if he needs a couple new shirts in the future I could always order them there in styles or colors he likes more… and maybe even get a better deal. The black jacket is on amazon too, but Bombfell had the better price!
We had accumulated some referral credit before this box came AND his wonderful mother-in-law gave him some cash for Christmas (thanks mom!), so he kept both jackets this go round! I think I was happier for that wardrobe update than he was!
Now I just need you all to go sign up your husbands, dads, brothers, and sons so I can talk Mr. Micah into keeping more next month!



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Bombfell #2

Finally talked Micah into letting me do a reveal post for one of his boxes! We tried Men’s Style Club first. They were really personal and did a great job communicating, but after 3 boxes the sizing still wasn’t quite right. So, we decided to give Bombfell a try! One of the most appealing things about Bombfell is that they don’t charge a styling fee! It’s absolutely free to try, so nothing to lose! Matter of fact, you get $25 credit (and so does Micah) if you use his referral link! Another cool thing they do is send a preview of the 5 items you’re getting before the box ships. You can edit and cancel things they’re sending if you choose to.
So… here it is! This box even came with a couple samples of American Crew hair products!



Toscano Firenze Quarter Zip Sweater ($100) and
Sons of Fortune Denton Twill Pants ($99)
These pants actually fit great, but he didn’t love them. The sweater was an off color for him, too snug, and the fitted waist band was a no-go. He was super excited about the outfit, as you can see.

French Connection Luxus Pique Colorblock Polo ($68)

I really liked this one, but he said he felt like a bowler. He’s got the posing down though… I’ll have him addicted to these subscription boxes before it’s said and done, mark my words!

7 Diamonds Gatti Quilted Jacket ($149)

We both really liked this one, but he refused to spend that much money on something he didn’t NEED. He’s selfless and financially responsible like that… one of us has to be…

Scott and Sons Boxer Brown Belt

We also both really liked this one. I’m still not sure why he’s not keeping it, but he’s not.

In the end, all he’s keeping this time are the shampoo and hair gel samples. He kept a solid navy polo from the first box and is planning to at least give it a couple more tries!


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