Family Day with the Harlem Globetrotters!

When we heard the Harlem Globetrotters were coming to OKC, we didn’t waste any time claiming our tickets. We jump at any chance to take all five kids to do something that ALL five of them will enjoy! I’d seen the Globetrotters once when I was a kid, and they were just as fun to watch as an adult!

Between the fun music, the mascots, the silly skits, audience interaction and insane basketball skills – we were all entertained and laughing the whole time, even baby D who normally has an attention span of 5 seconds!

If you’re planning to take your kids I feel like I should prepare you that they will start selling basketballs at half-time. Every. single. kid. in that auditorium will have a basketball. I’m pretty sure some near us had TWO and cotton candy and peanuts and popcorn and jugs of Dr. Pepper. The basketballs are $25 each, so budget accordingly. Last thing you wanna do is get to the game, have a great time, and leave with the only disappointed kid. We managed to leave with only 2 balls instead of five, half-way dodged that bullet. But, in all honesty, the players stick around to sign the balls after the game, and it’s really pretty special for the kids, especially for the basketball-lovin’ 7 year old.

I’m pretty certain our kids will be talking about this adventure for a long time to come! Be sure to check to see when they’ll be near you! And don’t forget to use code FUNFAM to get 25% off!*

All those happy faces!


*Excludes premium seats!
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