Jewelry Candles Giveaway

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Dylan & I have been home alone during the day for two weeks now. We’ve been spending our days cleaning and laundering clothes and – of course – shopping! And you know what I’ve been noticing? The holidays are coming, which means it’s time to start planning my gift list! (Eek!) I love to buy my friends and family gifts that are fun and unusual, and these Jewelry Candles are exactly that! And you might just be able to win one for yourself…

I’ve teamed up with The Hopping Bloggers to bring you a pretty amazing giveaway. You may have heard of Jewelry Candles and Bath Bombs already, but now is your chance to learn more and win something from them! When it comes to unique gifts, Jewelry Candles has the most extensive line of candles with jewelry inside, jewelry bath bombs, cash money candles, jewelry roses, jewelry sugar scrubs, and so much more!

Five lucky winners will each receive a prize thanks to these great sponsors. The five items up for grabs are:

1. Cash Money Candle

Feelin’ lucky? Try your luck with Cash Money Candles! Win a mystery cash prize in every candle, every single time. Every candle will receive a minimum of a genuine $2 bill INSIDE THE CANDLE; and how often do you see those around? Every Cash Money Candle has a cash prize ranging from the minimum of $2 to all the way to $2,500! The most amount of ACTUAL cash you can win in your candle is up to a $100 bill. If you win over $100 you get a $2 bill plus a code that you can redeem for GRAND prizes – which can be up to the $2500! Simply burn your candle down, and find your cash prize! Every candle is a winner because you are GUARANTEED to get at least a (1) $2 dollar bill in your Cash Money Candle!


2. Jewelry Candle

The Jewelry Candles all have amazing scents, and a beautiful piece of jewelry that will dazzle just like you, darlin’! Like buried treasure, burn the candle & find your surprise! A Necklace, a Pendant, Earrings, a Ring, or a Bracelet – it’s a total surprise! Jewelry values from $10 to $7,500 – yes, $7,500! You may choose the “surprise me” option and your jewelry be a total surprise OR choose the jewelry piece of your choice! Want to choose your ring size with these amazing scents? Check out the Ring Candles! Pick from the most popular scents like Birthday Cake, Baked Apple Pie, & Black Raspberry Vanilla!


3. Jewelry Bath Bomb

Inside every jar of Jewelry Bath Bombs you will get 2 Jewelry Bath Bombs – EACH with a surprise jewelry piece inside! Long after the bath bombs are gone, the beautiful jar they come in will make a wonderful keepsake that you can reuse and or re-purpose! The jewelry retail value of the pieces you will get in your bath bombs will have a minimum retail value of $10 all the way up to $7500! You may pick between a ring, a necklace, a pendant, a bracelet or a pair of earrings in your jar of Jewelry Bath Bombs. If you select a ring you may choose your ring size from size 5 through 11!


4. Cash Bath Bomb

The amazing Cash Bath Bombs are bath bombs with real cash inside! Each and every Cash Bomb will have a real $2 bill inside it! You also have the chance to get more than the $2 bill inside every Cash Bath Bomb! These Cash Bath Bombs are a fun, novelty item, not a lottery. While, they do not give odds, they do guarantee that each one will have at least a real $2 bill in it. Cash Bath Bombs that have more than the $2 bill in it are chosen totally at random.


5. Jewelry Slime

Jewelry Slimes are the brand new way to relieve stress & look fabulous, with (of course) a piece of beautiful jewelry inside! Jewelry Candles chose their most popular Jewelry Bath Bomb scents & transformed them into something completely unique. You can sling, punch, stick, poke, smash, and squish your way into a fabulous, stress-free state of mind!

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Which prize would you like to win most?

Enter to win one of these five prizes using the giveaway tool below – and GOOD LUCK!

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Every mom needs a cool watch like this…

School is officially back in session! We’re ((slowly)) adjusting to our new routines… 4 drop-off’s and 4 pick-up’s and one little one at home that I have to remember to feed and such – my super stylish Jord wood watch could NOT have showed up at a better time! Let’s be honest, fishing that iPhone out of my back pocket to check the time does get a little old – especially since my shorts have gotten a little tighter (don’t worry, the washer shrunk them, shhhh, it’s my story.)

Jord watches have been on my radar for a while now; I just hadn’t followed through with a purchase. You guys, why did I wait so long?! I love everything about it – the style, the colors, the feel. You’d think because it’s made of wood it would be heavy, but it’s actually really light weight. I’ve worn it every day since it arrived and get questions and compliments on it every time I leave the house. If you’ve been considering a purchase, I honestly can’t recommend this brand enough.

Where to purchase your Jord wood watch

My watch is the Frankie 35 series – Dark Sandalwood & Slate. You can find it here.

I’d love to be twinkies with you, so go ahead and order one just like mine if you love it as much as I do… or head on over to the Jord website and check out their full line of women’s watches. And, yes, they have a men’s line too!

Your watch will arrive in an adorable wooden box (which my husband and 2 of the 5 kids have all tried – unsuccessfully – to take from me). It includes a little packet to keep the humidity inside the box optimal for storing your watch. The packet says it’ll last about a month. I’ll look into where to order more and report back…

For now, though, you can find me poolside enjoying this warm Florida sunshine! (Nobody panic, Jord watches are water resistant, it can handle a little splashing… but if they try to throw  me in – they’re gonna be in BIG trouble 😉 )

Jord Gift Code Giveaway

OH, one last thing… Jord is letting me give one of you a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR gift code to their site!!! $100! And entering is a piece of cake – just click here to fill out your entry. The contest ends August 20th, 2017 at 11:59pm – so don’t delay! And don’t be sad if you don’t win, Jord will be sending everyone who enters a $25 gift code! May the odds be ever in your favor!

Wooden Wrist Watch

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