Enzo Update: One Year without Seizures!

Tonight we finished up Parent Teacher conferences and decided to celebrate the first night of our Spring Break with a trip to Applebee’s. They sat us in the big corner booth – the only table that really is big enough for a family of 7. While we were waiting on our food, I was having flashbacks to another family night at Applebee’s a little over a year ago. We were sitting at the very same table. Our food had just been delivered. Enzo had a seizure and smashed his forehead into the table. There was blood EVERYWHERE. We had to load up all 5 hungry kids, crying because they wanted their food, and head home. We examined another head wound. We decided against going to the hospital for stitches. We probably could have, but his poor forehead had been stitched so many times… if there was ever any chance we could avoid an ER trip, we did.

Our life for one year and 3 months. Hoping Enzo wouldn’t have a seizure, that he wouldn’t hurt himself. Praying that he’d have a “normal” life, that he’d be able to do the things his brothers could do, that he could take his helmet off and not need a foam placemat to sit safely at a table. Falling apart when we knew we were headed back to the ER, that we’d be holding him down for stitches, again. It was a miserable path to walk down, a long, never-ending miserable path.

But then a miracle happened. On March 10, 2016 – one year ago tomorrow – Enzo didn’t have a seizure. And then none the next day or the next or the next after that. And tomorrow marks one full year without a single seizure! We didn’t change anything. His medicine stayed the same, his environment was constant, there’s no magic oil, no medical explanation. God decided that it was time to heal him. I don’t know if the healing is temporary, I don’t know why God would choose to heal Enzo and not others. All I do know is that Enzo is a living, walking miracle. I know that in his short little life, God has used Enzo to touch and change people, including me. And God has great big plans for him.

Tonight at his parent teacher conference, I was told that he’s right on track in school, that he plays and recognizes letters and raises his hand to answer questions. Last year there were days he wouldn’t speak or make eye contact. He couldn’t color a picture or use a potty. And now he wants his schoolwork on the fridge, he makes friends and plays t-ball and tells the weirdest, most random stories. We sat at that table at Applebee’s tonight and he ate his chicken fingers and fought with his brother and made me laugh… and I feel like my heart might explode with gratefulness.

Thank you all for praying for him. Thank you GOD for giving Enzo back to us. What an incredible year it has been!

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