20 percent off Moore Escape Room!

Have you guys heard of the Moore Escape Room? Oh my goodness, it sounds so fun! We’ll be visiting soon and posting a full review! In the meantime, I have a coupon code to share with you!

Are you ready for the challenge of conquering mind-bending puzzles, clues and mysteries? Will you be able to make it through, as locks, riddles, and codes are thrown your way? Can you unlock your true potential and escape?

The variety of room scenarios provides the perfect challenge for groups of 2-10 players. Gather your family, friends, teams, and book your adventure today!
Enjoy 20% off your booking of individual tickets or a private escape room rental by entering code FHFG81 when making a reservation at www.MooreEscapeRooms.com. Not valid with any other offers. Must call to reserve a “special event” outside of normal hours.

Moore Escape Room

Special thanks to Moore Escape Room for working with us and providing this coupon code!

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I killed the Tooth Fairy.

About two weeks ago Jaylin lost a tooth. I’ll go out on a limb and guess it’s about the 8th one she’s lost so far. She put it under her pillow that night, but the tooth fairy didn’t show. The next day she lost ANOTHER tooth. Now two under the pillow, still no tooth fairy.  She carried the two teeth around all day and misplaced one. Now one tooth and a ‘please leave money anyway’ note for the tooth fairy. Still a no show. We blamed noisy brothers, late bedtimes, and early stirrings. But after 7 or 8 nights, I was out of excuses… so I just told her the truth. The tooth fairy isn’t real. It’s me, and I keep forgetting. She took it surprisingly well. ‘So, what have you been doing with my teeth?’ Throwing them away. ‘Are you also the Easter Bunny?’ Yep. ‘Well, I know Santa isn’t you, because no way you and Dad would buy us that many presents!’ Um, ok. ‘Can you go ahead and put money under my pillow anyway? I won’t tell the boys it’s you.’ Smart girl, takes after her momma.

After the ‘Did you plan to have so many kids?’ question, the thing I hear most from people is ‘I don’t know how you do it.’ And the truth is, I just don’t. I don’t do it. I never get it all done. Shoot, I rarely get most of it done. Sometimes I drop Dylan off at Sunday School with no shoes, sometimes I forget to brush teeth, sometimes my poor husband goes for days without clean underwear (you can ask him how he deals with that), and sometimes I give up and kill the stupid tooth fairy. And you know what? Life goes on.

If you look at me and see ‘Supermom’, then we really need to work on building a closer friendship. And I’m obviously doing a poor job of sharing our reality on Instagram. I will give you some advice though. Take it easy on yourself. There’s no such thing as supermom. We all crawl into bed some nights and wonder if we did enough, if we played with the kids enough, cleaned the house enough, if people like us enough, if we’ve scarred our daughter for life by crushing her magical tooth fairy castle dreams (or maybe that one’s only me?)… Extend yourself some grace Mom. We’re doing good things, important things, and I’d venture a guess that if you’ve spent time worrying about how good of a job you’re doing, then you’re doing 100 times better than you think you are…

You know, on second thought, I had all 5 kids asleep by 8:15 tonight. By myself. Maybe I am supermom.

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Earn Double Box Tops on Back to School products at Walmart!

The planets must’ve aligned at some point last night, because all 5 of my kids decided to sleep past 9! Two of them weren’t up until 10:30! I haven’t felt this rested in a very long time. What to do with all the energy? Back to school supply shopping and haircuts! Yipee, what a party. I know you’re all jealous. At least I can get it all done in one store, good ‘ole Walmart!

Double Boxtops

The haircutters in Duncan Walmart are really great with kids. Of the many different ladies that have had to suffer through cutting one of these boys’ hair, only one seemed to be the slightest bit irritated. The others have all been very patient and get the job done fast! And boys under 10 only cost $10!

The kids were so well behaved during the cuts that I agreed to take a little detour through the toy department on our way to the school supply aisle. Two more hot wheels for Enzo (because 1,000 isn’t enough), a ball for Roman (because the rest are over the fence), and a Poke-watch for Zander (because ?). I maybe should’ve held off on the prizes until the very end of our Walmart adventure, because by the time we finally made it to the school supplies they were a little excited…

Double Boxtops - 7

They were mostly cooperative though. They helped me hunt down all of the back to school items with Box Tops on them, including the ones that have DOUBLE Box Tops (only at Walmart and for a limited time)! If your kids go to Plato Elementary, the Box Tops Summer Challenge is going on right now! The student who turns in the most before August 19th will win an iPod Nano! We might put all our eggs in one basket and send our entire Box Top collection with Zander. Last year we took turns who took all the Box Tops for each school competition… I’m pretty sure it’s Zander’s turn. Not sure he’ll have a chance at winning though; we have some box-top-collectin’ mommas at our school! Win or not, the school gets 10 cents for every Box Top turned in, and that’s a win for everybody!

Products with Double Box Tops

Viva Vantage Big Rolls – 6 Rolls

Double Boxtops - 2

Kleenex Everyday Facial Tissue (4 pack)

Double Boxtops - 4
We hunted all over the tissue aisle for these. They ended up being on an endcap at the front of the store!

Scott 1000 (20 rolls)

Double Boxtops - 3

Click here to find even more products at Walmart with double Box Tops! You’re probably buying most of this stuff anyway, may as well choose the ones that help your school!

The kids were pretty excited to get those Box Tops cut off as soon as we got home. We added 32 to our little Box Top collection!

Double Boxtops - 5
Here they are, Mom!

Double Boxtops - 6

We didn’t finish getting everything on our supply lists because Dylan had had enough shopping, but we put a pretty big dent in them. The boys no longer have afros, and Micah met us for pizza for lunch. All in all, I’d say it was a pretty good day!

Bonus Story: When we walked in Pizza Hut, the boys needed to pee. Micah took all 3 of them – plus Dylan – into the single-toilet bathroom. I could hear screaming from the table, but I wasn’t moving. He was on his own there! Turns out Enzo and Roman had tried to pee at the same time, in the single toilet. Roman peed on Enzo’s hand and his new hot wheel. Enzo was the one I heard screaming. While Micah tried to calm him down, Dylan decided to stick her hand in the urinal Zander had just peed in. Micah shouted at her, scared her, and she covered her mouth with her pee-drenched hand. Gross. Gross. and Double Gross. There’s never a dull moment! Poor Daddy.

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Trying Sam’s Club – Club Pickup for the first time!

If you’ve been in Sam’s Club recently, you’ve probably seen the new Club Pickup kiosk right up front. I don’t mind being the guinea pig with this kind of stuff… I’ll try anything to save some time (and my sanity) in the grocery store. I’ve been trying to be brave this summer, frequently taking all 5 kids with me grocery shopping. I laugh about it, but honestly it’s probably the closest thing to torture I’ve ever experienced. Of course I’m exaggerating, a little.

Anyway, here’s how it went down. First, I got on the Sam’s website and registered. You have to have a membership to register. I’m pretty sure you can do that online too, but I’m not 100% certain because I’ve been a member since the beginning of time (that’s 2011 for those of you wondering). Then, you just start shopping. I’ve always loved online shopping. No browsing, no kids begging for junk food that will disappear in a day, just search and add what you want. I also love that your online cart gives you a running total, and you can add and remove items easily… much less embarrassing than doing it in the checkout line.

You then have the option to checkout online or wait and pay at the store. Obviously checking out online saves more time, so I went that with that option. I did remember about 45 things I forgot to add, but I’d already reached the budget for the week anyway, so we’ll just have to make do with the things I did remember. You have to wait 24 hours to pick up your order. Mine was scheduled for pickup between 10:30-11:30 the following day.

There are two ways to check-in once you get to Sam’s to pick up your groceries. You can download the app, which is very easy to use, and the option I chose. Or, you can scan your Sam’s card at the little kiosk in the front of the store. That sounds pretty easy too. I clicked ‘check-in’ on the app when I got there, and it told me to proceed to the Club Pickup area and wait for an associate. I had to ask where the Club Pickup area was, and – FYI – it’s up front with a big sign that a normal person could probably find without having to ask anyone.

App - Sam's Club

We waited there about 10-15 minutes before I got impatient and asked an employee if I was in the right place. Turns out the phone that notifies them that someone is waiting at Club Pickup was dead. Great. If you try this and no one shows up right away to help you, look for an employee wearing a green vest and ask them. They seem to be the ones in charge. Once they knew I was there, they sent somebody to the back to get my cold items from the freezer, checked my ID, and we were on our way. Even with the delays, we were in and out in 20-25 minutes, and I have no funny conversations to report like last time.

It would’ve been a lot easier if they’d helped me out to my car. The girl offered, but I could tell she was reluctant to do so and let her off the hook. I had to have Zander push a buggy full of kids, and I pushed the groceries. It also would’ve been nice if any one of them had noticed me standing there by the Club Pickup sign and asked if I needed help. Overall though it did save me a lot of time, and I think it’ll help me stay on track with our new budget (gross, I know.)

Have you tried it out yet? Would love to hear your experience!

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Pink Blush isn’t just maternity clothes? + $50 gift card giveaway!

I’ve been pregnant 6 times in the last 8 years, which means I’ve spent the better part of the last decade wearing maternity clothes. I know where to find the good stuff! Target, Motherhood, and Old Navy might be great for the basics, but Pink Blush has been my go-to for picture-ready maxi dresses and oh-so-comfy linen pants. Until recently, I thought they only sold maternity clothes. Boy was I missing out! They still have all the cute maternity clothes I’ve known them for, but they also have tons of cute styles for those of us transitioning out of the pregnancy stage. Yes, Dylan is 2. Yes, I’m still transitioning!

PinkBlush - 4

You can’t even imagine my excitement when Pink Blush offered to let me try a dress from their women’s line and offer you guys a chance to win a $50 gift card! Trust me when I say it will be very, VERY hard to decide what to buy! I spent a lot of time on their site and finally landed on this black and white stripe cold shoulder maxi. I love a good maxi dress, and this one is everything I wanted it to be and more. The neutral stripes provide a great backdrop for every kind of necklace, colorful scarves, jackets, cardigans… the possibilities are endless! Added bonus: it’s mega comfortable!

PinkBlush - 2

My runner up choices were this magenta cold shoulder dress and this royal blue floral dress. Only thing I’m loving more than cold shoulders these days is floral print, and Pink Blush has plenty of both! I can’t wait until we plan our next family pictures; I know where I’ll be shopping!

Now that you have your Pink Blush shopping cart all loaded up with goodies, maybe I should offer a little assistance… a chance to win FIFTY dollars to shop sound good? You can enter below!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

* Please note that you are only allowed to win one Pink Blush giveaway every 3 months, so if you’ve won recently you will be disqualified from winning this one.

Special thanks to Pink Blush for sponsoring this post and giveaway!


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