A trip to Sam’s Club with my Little Movers

Yep, I loaded up my whole herd of little movers (again) to grocery shop, but this time at Sam’s Club! I know, I’m a glutton for punishment. But we needed food and trekking to Walmart two and three times a week isn’t working. If you’re following along on our Facebook page, then you know I’d planned to do the call ahead thing (Sam’s Club offers Club pickup, where you can place your order online and they’ll have it ready for you!) But – of course – my membership card was nowhere to be found, and you have to have your member number to place the order online! Next time.

It took me until 11:00 to get everybody dressed and loaded in the van, 11:00. We were half-way to Sam’s (it’s about 35 minutes from our house), when I remembered Zander had a birthday party at 2! No problem, but we’d have to hurry. I went ahead and offered everybody an ICEE bribe. How Sam’s wins in the ‘take-your-kids-grocery-shopping’ game = ICEE’s, samples, double-seater buggies. We got lucky with an excellent customer service associate, who had my new card ready for me in lightening speed.

We threw the three younger kids in one buggy – pushed by Uncle B – and I grabbed an empty one for groceries. We ran through that store like we were Olympic marathoners. So fast, in fact, that Dylan didn’t start trying to get out until we hit the diaper aisle, our last stop!

Huggies -2

We were able to turn that frown upside down by letting her get out for a couple minutes for, you guessed it, more pics in the grocery store! Even more happy news? Sam’s Club was offering $3 instant savings on Huggies Little Movers diapers (now through July 17th)! They’re the only diapers with a stretchy SnugFit waistband to help the diaper stay in place, perfect for our littlest mover! And the new and improved LEAK LOCK protection is even more absorbent! That’s enough to make us all smile!

Huggies - 5

I’m one lucky momma to have had my helpers with me. Zander had to work extra hard to get this GIANT box of diapers in the buggy.

Huggies - 3

We survived through checkout and made it back just in time for Zander’s buddy’s birthday party! And that big box proved handy in more ways than one; it fits a four-year-old perfectly! Enzo entertained himself for a good 30 minutes with this thing!

Huggies - 1

If you don’t have one already, I really encourage you to grab yourself a Sam’s Club membership! Buying in bulk can save you money and keep you from hanging out in the grocery store all week long! (…and ICEE’s …and SAMPLES …and TWO-SEATER CARTS!!!)

AND you can submit a photo of YOUR Little Mover for a chance to win a $500 Sam’s Club gift card! That’ll buy a LOT of diapers!

Special thanks to Huggies for sponsoring this post and encouraging us to try Huggies Little Movers diapers from Sam’s Club!

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Surviving Walmart alone, with 6 kids.

First day back from vacation and the kitchen is empty. As in, we had toasted hot dog buns and jelly for breakfast and spent a whopping $30 on fast food at lunch time. We’re not surviving around here another day without a grocery trip. Micah was running late from work, so I had no choice but to drag all 6 (yes, 6, my 13 year old brother is visiting for a little bit…) kiddos to Walmart with me. It’s really not as stressful as it sounds. Brandon is able to push a buggy for me, so we load the younger 3 with him, and I push a second cart for groceries. The hardest part, honestly, is enduring all the random, sometimes rude, comments. Listen people, these are my kids, and sometimes I do have to bring them ALL to the store with me… please just continue on with what you’re doing! We got this!

The trick to keeping the little ones from jumping out of the cart is food. My first stop is always the snack aisle. Today, the baby snack aisle.

gerbersnacks - 1

I let the kids think they’re picking, but I use my momnosis skills to influence them. We grabbed up Gerber’s new Lil’ Beanies snacks today! They’re the first bean-based snack, made from navy beans! When I first saw the name ‘Lil’ Beanies’ I was picturing beanie weenies, but they’re actually more like mini-cheeto puffs (much healthier and baby-approved, of course)! They have 2 grams of protein, 1 gram of fiber, and 10% daily value of Vitamin E in every serving, and they’re baked, contain zero genetically engineered ingredients, and are naturally flavored! We grabbed a can of original and a can of White Cheddar & Broccoli flavor, and the kids LOVED both!

gerbersnacks - 3

Dylan tried her best to keep the boys back, but it wasn’t working… thus, the second can… Each can is only $1.86 at Walmart! Same price as a king size candy bar, right? Don’t ask how I know that… momma has to have snacks too.

gerbersnacks - 5

Really Mom, pictures in Walmart?

gerbersnacks - 6

No big deal baby D, people are already staring anyway!

Which would you choose, Original or White Cheddar Broccoli? Both? You can make it happen! Pick some up for your little ones next time they’re with you at Walmart and you feel like making things a little easier on yourself. Added bonus, the cans are the perfect size for toddler hands!

Special thanks to Gerber and Walmart for sponsoring this post and allowing us to try these new snacks. Although we will be compensated for writing and sharing this information with you, the opinions expressed are our own.

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White Water Bay – Here we come!

We’ve been home from Branson a whole 3 hours, and we’re already busy planning our next adventure! Since Oklahoma summers are scorching hot, we’re sticking to activities that involve water and/or air conditioning as much as possible! White Water Bay in Oklahoma City is next on our list! (We were hoping the Lawton water park would be an option too, but looks like the floods hit them pretty hard! Maybe next year…)

Luckily, White Water Bay is the premiere water park in Oklahoma, featuring over 25 acres of water fun, including super-soaking raft rides, slides, and pools. From the thrills of RipQurl and Pipeline Wave, to the leisure of floating along Castaway Creek, the Bay has something for everyone. And now, all new in 2016 – Barefootin’ Bay! Kids Kove has become the ultimate family oasis with a new name and a whole new look! Barefootin’ Bay features a new colorful water play structure complete with over 35 interactive elements, two mini slides, and an 800-liter tipping bucket to make a super splash below, a perfect addition for our younger kids!

And the Dive-In Movies and Late Night Wednesdays sound like so much fun! We can’t wait to go and hope some of you will join us!

whitewater - 2

This is a sponsored post. In exchange for sharing all that White Water Bay has to offer, our family will be compensated with tickets to the park. Honest review coming soon!


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Three Things Thursday… glad this one’s over.

Let’s just get right into this.

1. Enzo is 15 weeks seizure free.

3things - enzo and mom

You read right! Still no seizures! We’re almost to 4 months! He’s still taking 4 doses of anti-seizure medications every day, and yesterday morning…

2. I gave Enzo’s medicine to Roman.

Enzo has to have his first two doses of medicine right when he wakes up. Yesterday, he crawled out of bed and met me in the kitchen. He was standing right by my leg while I opened the little capsule and mixed the contents with juice, just like I do every morning. While I worked, Enzo doodled off, and Roman stepped into his place next to my leg. They’re almost the same size, so I didn’t notice they’d switched places. I had already sent the first dose down his throat before I realized… WRONG KID!

I called Micah and started trying to gag Roman, who was screaming because he had no idea what his crazy, panicking mom was doing to him. Within minutes we had poison control on the phone. Turns out, one dose of Zonisamide may cause drowsiness, but that’s it. And it ended up not even having that effect on him (go figure). All is well.

During the whole ordeal, I kept thinking “What is wrong with me?”, “What kind of mom gives the wrong kid medicine?”, “Why would anybody trust me to take care of all these kids?” It didn’t help that half way through the ordeal, Jaylin reminded me that I’d once tried to give Enzo’s medicine to her and was lucky she’d stopped me. True story. I wanted to sit in the floor and cry (and I did for a minute or ten). Then I remembered that Enzo has been taking these medications for 18 months, twice a day. That’s over 1,000 times I’ve given medicine to the right kid! Isn’t that how we are though? A thousand things done right, undone with one mistake. I’m happy to report that my momfidence is creeping back up, and I’m expecting a full recovery by the weekend… that is, if I can ever finish packing and get us off on vacation!

3. Craziness

It’s been a crazy week all around. In our town, a little boy went missing. Four days ago. He still hasn’t been found. They’re searching, but it sounds like they have no leads. The Orlando shooting. The little boy pulled under water by an alligator at Disney World. Family members with cancer, friends of friends killed in car accidents. Scroll down my Facebook feed and it’s one thing after the other… Throw in politics and finger-pointing and it’s all a big discouraging mess. I want to pretend it isn’t happening and stay hidden in a corner with my subscription boxes. I’m honestly not sure how to respond to all of it, how to explain it to my kids. It feels weird going on with ‘normal’ life when there’s so much suffering… but what to do?

Do I keep posting about my ice cream treats and booger-pickin’ kids? Do I start sharing my political, parenting opinions trying to ‘help’? The answer is only in Jesus. He’s been here, he’s felt the suffering, and when it was too much to comprehend… he got alone with God. He went off into the wilderness, into a garden… and talked to His Father! A simple answer to a complicated situation. Just wish I remembered to do it more often.

Here’s hoping this next week comes with cheerful news, my tear ducts are empty.

In other completely random and unrelated news, if you haven’t yet, please, please, please go over to this post and ENTER TO WIN Gerber’s “Welcome to Toddlerhood” prize pack, including a can of Stage 3 Good Start Grow Toddler drink! I appreciate all of the support you’ve all shown me in starting Pop Goes Perfection, and participating in these sponsored giveaways means a lot! If you don’t need or want the prize pack, you can always find a friend to donate it to if you win!

*The links in this post are sponsored by Gerber, and I will be compensated – at no cost to you – if you click them.


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Treatsie Box Review #1

This post contains affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking them. Thank you for supporting Pop Goes Perfection and our family!

Well, just when we think the summer sun is here to stay… it starts raining again. Blah. Luckily, it hasn’t stopped our amazing mail lady! We’ve been having indoor entertainment in the form of subscription boxes! Our most recent one was a HUGE hit with all the kids (and Mommy & Daddy too)! It’s called Treatsie, and their subscription box comes full of candy and gourmet sweet treats from vendors around the country. Prices start at less than $20/month, and you can save by paying for quarterly or yearly subscriptions up front.

Treatsie - 6

You can also order single items from Treatsie’s online store if you don’t feel like waiting for a box to ship on the 15th, or you can add-on an item (or items!) to your box if you choose to! The options are endless, but you all know I love the ‘surprise’ element in a box… so that’s what we got (plus an add-on bonus treat!)

Treatsie - 7

Torie & Howard Chewie Fruities

Organic candy chews in delicious flavors suchs as Meyer lemon & raspberry, pomegranate & nectarine, and blood orange & honey.

Treatsie - 8

We all liked these. They’re comparable in texture to Starbursts, but much easier to bite through… and the flavors are WAY better! This bag was gone in about 70 seconds, not exaggerating. I had to hide a couple under a pillow so there’d be some left for Micah to try! If you’d like to try them, you can order here in Treatsie’s online store!

Finally Ginger Original Ginger Cookies

Sugar and lots of spice makes everything nice. Baked with three kinds of ginger, these cookies area spicy and sweet indulgence.

Treatsie - 5

I’ll admit, I thought these were pretty nasty… but Micah and Zander LOVED them. Micah said they made him wish he had some egg nog, and I’d have to agree they do taste like Christmas. I guess ginger just isn’t my thing… If you’re into it, you can purchase some here for only $3!

Belgian Boys Caramel Stroopwafels

Crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The best of both worlds is given to you in an authentic Dutch waffle cookie filled with an irresistible caramel filling.

Treatsie - 3

We all liked this one too! Micah & Brandon both said they’d had these on an airplane… pretty fancy for plane food if you ask me. They must be flying in the front of the plane; I don’t know anything about that! Anyway, it was very tasty and Zander hogged most of it! These are also available for purchase in the Treatsie store here.

Raley’s Confectionary Acid Drops Hard Candy

An old-fashioned sour candy with plenty of flavor. Assortment contains green apple, orange, cherry, and raspberry.

Treatsie - 4

These are basically fancy jolly ranchers… The sourness is pretty mild on most of the flavors. We all liked these too, especially the green apple ones! …and you guessed it… they’re available for purchase in the online store right here!

We had one add-on item in addition to the subscription box: Love, Cookie Butter Pecan Praline cookies!

Treatsie - 1

These were SO good! Roman and I ate more than our share of these while the others were wrapped up in the ginger cookies! You can buy them here.

We were very impressed with our first Treatsie box! I loved that they don’t send just candy, but a mix of all kinds of sweet treats. It’s a sweet snack box that’s appropriate for both children and adults, and would make an amazing gift!

Speaking of gifts, Father’s Day is THIS weekend! Treatsie has a special Father’s Day Assortment available that Dad is sure to love! (…and if he doesn’t, more for you and the kids!)

Send dad a Father’s Day assortment from Treatsie.com
Give the gift of Treatsie artisan sweets!

Special thanks to Treatsie for sending us their subscription box and an add-on item to try and review. Opinions expressed here are always our own!

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Welcome to Toddlerhood Giveaway!

When I found out I was pregnant with Dylan I sat in my bathroom floor and cried. Five kids. I didn’t know how I’d manage it. But once I wrapped my head around the idea of adding another little goose to our gaggle, I relaxed. I did know what to expect this time, and I was more than prepared. I even decided to home-make her baby food. (It’s really a whole lot less fancy than it sounds, basically consisted of mushed up fruits and vegetables in the blender… but that’s a post for another time.) The point is, between her homemade baby food, breast milk, and formula, there was never a question whether or not she was getting the nutrients she needed… and then she turned ONE. Being the baby of 5, she has been (by far) our most independent child. She walked earlier, talked earlier, and wanted to start feeding herself as soon as she realized it was a possibility!

Gerber sponsored - 6

Problem is, once I wasn’t scooping food straight from the plate into her mouth, her diet quickly changed… consisting mostly of macaroni, chicken nuggets, bubbles, and dirt. A big change from the wide assortment of produce she got as a baby! You can imagine why I’m so excited about Gerber’s new Stage 3 Gerber Good Start Grow Toddler Drink!

Gerber sponsored - 1

It’s formulated specially for toddlers aged 12-24 months and comes with probiotics to promote good digestive health. It also includes nutrients that are often lacking in a toddler’s diet, like Iron, Potassium, and Vitamins C, D, and E. Even better, it’s not made with any genetically engineered ingredients and is non-GMO! It’s the perfect toddler drink to fill in all the gaps in Dylan’s diet.

Gerber sponsored - 4

“Welcome to Toddlerhood Kit” GIVEAWAY!

If you and your toddler are interested in trying Stage 3 Gerber Good Start Grow Toddler Drink, you can enter to win your first can (and some extra goodies!!!) for free! Just visit the Stage 3 Gerber Good Start Grow Toddler Drink page, come back to this post, and share one thing you learned about the drink in the comments. For a bonus entry, tell me a funny story about your little one’s transition from baby to toddler meals!

Gerber sponsored - 5

Prize fulfillment is handled by the sponosor. One winner will be chosen and emailed on June 26, 2016. This giveaway is open to US residents only.

Special thanks to Gerber for sending me a free sample of Stage 3 Gerber Good Start Grow Toddler Drink to help nourish Dylan’s tummy. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Tonttu Baby Box Review #2

I was very excited (and surprised!) to receive my second Tonttu Baby Box to review! You can see my first box here. Tonttu Baby Box is a monthly subscription box designed for expecting parents and parents with young children. The box includes 5-7 gifts for baby, toddler, mommy and now daddy too! Many of the included items come from small, local businesses. You can choose a one month ($40), a three month ($117), or a twelve month ($420) subscription. When subscribing, you can specify if you are pregnant or the age and gender of your children so that the box is personalized just for you and your family! You also have the option to order a subscription as a gift!

Tonttu 2-5

I’m happy to report that Tonttu Baby Box now includes an information sheet, detailing everything in the box, where to reorder, and even discount codes for each of the products! And this one is especially fun, because it has a few surprises for DAD! Father’s Day is right around the corner… #hintdropped Micah is out of town this week, so he missed out on this unboxing! We’ll be saving his surprises for when he gets home next week!

Soft Lips by Lo & Behold (RV $5)

Tontuu 2-3

This lip balm is handmade in North Carolina! Use your finger or a small lip brush to apply. It made my lips super soft. I didn’t notice much of scent and definitely no color, so it’s perfect for sharing with Jaylin… matter of fact, I’m pretty sure it’s already made a home in her room. You can order some here and use code LoandBehold16 for 10% off!

The Original Squeeze (RV $14.99)

Tonttu 2-6

This looks similar to a bottle, but it’s actually a washable, reusable squeeze pouch! I wish I’d had this when I was home-making Dylan’s baby food… but she loves yogurt and applesauce, and this will work great when we’re in the car or at the ball field. You can buy one for your little ones here and use code SQUEEZEITFORWARD for 10% off!

Aftershave by Puur (RV $3)

Tontuu 2-2

This aftershave can be purchased on Etsy here. The store is based out of Idaho and sells a wide variety of products, including beard oil, soap, and natural deodorant. The Etsy shop has 4.5+/5 stars after over 9,400 reviews… so I have high hopes that Micah will love this! When you go to place your order, use code YAYFORYOU to get $5 off your $25 purchase!

Men Buffer by Spongelle (RV $18)

Tontuu 2-4

This thing is so cool! It’s a buffer with built in body wash, and it smells INCREDIBLE! Bye Bye Old Spice. It’s supposed to last 28 washes, and if Micah loves that smell as much as I do, we’ll definitely be reordering! They make some in lady scents too, so we might be trying those in the near future… Talk about a great gift! If you’d like to try them, you can purchase here and use code TONTTU30 for 30% off!

Playdough by Zdough (RV $7)

Tonttu 2-7

Something for the older kids! Playdough that smells like caramel apples? Yes, please. In addition to smelling delicious and coming in a cute (stackable!) container, it’s also super soft.

Tontuu 2-1

The kids loved it, and there was plenty for them to share! Other varieties include Lavender, Lemon, Lime, and Pumpkin Spice, to name a few. You can see all Z-dough has to offer on their website here and use code THANKSTOYOU for 10% off. These would make great birthday gifts or party favors!

I was really impressed with round 2 of Tonttu Baby Box! The combined retail value of the products included was $47.99, and a monthly subscription is only $40. Plus, if you use code MYHERODAD you can get 20% off your next purchase (making your first box only $32)! I love the added value of being introduced to products that I may otherwise have never tried!

Special thanks to Tonttu Baby Box for sending us their boxes to review! Opinions expressed, as always, were not influenced by anyone (other than my children).

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the Story Box #1

***This post contains affiliate links, and we’ll be compensated if you make a purchase. Thank you for supporting Pop Goes Perfection and our family!***

I remember a time when my sister and I were about 8 and 9. We had stopped at the Piercing Pagoda in the middle of the mall because my sister wanted her ears pierced. My mom offered to let me get mine done too, but I talked her into buying me the book Charlotte’s Web instead. I sat on a mall bench with my nose buried in that book while my sister had needles poked through her ears. My love for reading started early and continues into my adult years… and now I’m trying to pass that love on to our kids. We’ve definitely done our part to keep Scholastic and Usborne in business! And now I’ve found another fun way to get them excited about reading: the Story Box!

StoryBox - 1The Story Box is a monthly subscription box for kids. They have three different options to chose from: Board Books (for ages 0-2.5), Picture Books (for ages 2.5-6), and a Family Package (for families with children in both age ranges, like mine). We received the Family Package. Prices range from $14.99-$19.99 for a one month subscription. You can save by purchasing a 3 or 6 month package! The books in each box are hand selected by a Speech Pathologist to meet the needs and interests of your children!

The Family Package is basically ‘half’ of each of the other boxes, one board book for the younger kids and one picture book for the older ones. The board book comes with a tip card, including helpful and encouraging information for the parents. The picture book comes with a parent guide, ideas about how to make the book interactive for each age group.

StoryBox - 7Our board book was called In My Meadow. The bunny is a little finger puppet! Jaylin was excited to read it to Dylan, and Enzo was happy to assist… but only if he could wear his googles, because they matched the book (obviously).

StoryBox - 4They were all impressed with the finger puppet. Dylan loves bunnies, so this was a huge hit with her! Short phrases on each page made for quick reading, which is absolutely necessary with her short attention span!

StoryBox - 5

She was quick to claim this one as hers and spent a pretty long time looking through the book on her own.

StoryBox - 8

Our picture book was called and the cars go… and we have three boys (especially that goggled one) that LOVE cars, so this was a hit for sure. It was a cute, easy-to-read story, complete with all kinds of noisy vehicles. They thought it was funny and were quick to repeat all the silly noises.

StoryBox - 10Roman read through it a second time and remembered almost every noise for each car!

StoryBox - 9

The End!

StoryBox - 2

This is the Parent’s Guide that came with the picture book. It has ideas for additional activities related to the book, including color matching, drawing roads with chalk, and recreating the traffic jam in the story with your own toy cars.

I looked up both books on Amazon. And the cars go… is $14.42 and In My Meadow is $6.77. That’s a total of over $20, and this box would cost you only $17.99 (or less with a bundle) with free shipping! Not to mention the value of having a Speech Therapist pick the books for you! If your child loves to read (or if you want them to love to read), this a great way to encourage them and add to your book collection. The Story Box subscription would also make an amazing, unique gift for teachers, baby showers, birthdays, or even just a random gift for the grandkids (wink, wink)! If you’re interested in learning more, you can visit their website by clicking here!

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Stitch Fix #14

***This post contains affiliate and/or referral links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking them.***

Well, I just received my 14th Stitch Fix box. I ‘peeked’ when it shipped and was skeptical about what was coming. My boxes are usually pretty consistently my style, but this one looked off. (You can peek at your fix once it ships using the Stitch Fix app for iPhone. Just click ‘begin checkout’ and you can flip through pics. Don’t complete the checkout process until you’ve received your box and tried everything on!) Not a Stitch Fixer yet? You can sign up here! Complete your style profile, link a style Pinterest board, and you’re first box will be to you in no time! You will be charged a $20 styling fee once your box ships, but it’ll be applied to any purchases you decide to make.

When my box finally arrived and I read the note, I realized the reason everything looked different. A new stylist. Julie has styled my previous 12 boxes. She knows my style and is able to pick things I’ll like even if I didn’t request them… but she’s on vacation. I’m hoping that really means she’s on vacation and not that she’s moved on from her job at Stitch Fix… because I really liked her! We’ll see.

Ok, let’s see how the new stylist, Jenn, did. I don’t remember everything I mentioned in my note to her, but my number one request was solid color dresses or rompers that could double as swimsuit cover-ups…

THML Beaumont Split Neck Top ($48)

Stitch Fix 14-5

To be honest, I didn’t like anything about this shirt. It made me look a full size or two bigger than I am, the material isn’t soft, and it’s a tad too short for my long torso. An easy no.

Papermoon Belise Shoulder Detail Knit Top ($44)

Stitch Fix 14-4

…and another easy no. I didn’t like the mix of patterns (thinking I need to just say no to paisley on my profile), the fit felt like a maternity shirt, and the fabric was clingy. If you’re wondering, yes, I’m on my knees taking pictures. My full length mirror took one too many hits from my little minions and broke (sad face).

Papermoon Lorene Crochet Detail Knit Top ($44)

Stitch Fix 14-1

Now this one I debated keeping. I love the color and the crochet detail. It’s just a tad shorter than I’d like, and something about the way it fit didn’t work right for me. In this pic, and the ones above, I’m also wearing my Just Black boyfriend jeans from Two Scrambled Eggs! I own them in three colors because they’re awesome! If you don’t have them yet, you’re missing out… trust me.

RD Style Gregory Printed Short ($48)

Stitch Fix 14-3

Jenn suggested that these could be used as a swim cover-up. Not exactly what I had in mind for that, but they are cute. The waistband is nice and wide, but I had to pull them up pretty high to get the length I liked. Just didn’t fit quite right, so I sent them back too. White tank is Z-supply from Two Scrambled Eggs!

London Times Maegan Lasercut Knit Dress ($88)

Stitch Fix 14-2

Not gonna lie, I love this dress. The fit is very feminine and flattering and comfortable. But it’s white. I was scared to even try it on with my kids nearby. Moms with 5 kids under 7 don’t wear white dresses. I guess changing my profile to say I’m 28 and don’t have kids backfired on me with this one! Oops. I reluctantly sent it back. If Jenn (or my next Stitch Fix stylist) happens to read this, please send me this dress in black or red or any color other than white.

If you’re following along, you’ve figured out that I sent the whole thing back this go round. I’ve been striking out a lot lately, so I’m trying to decide if I’ve just become spoiled and picky or if I need to adjust my Pinterest board and profile. I’m still having fun with it, but it sure would be better if I loved everything I tried on… maybe next month!



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Three Things Thursday: Enzo update, a failed garden & becoming fearless

Well, only 4 weeks in to this weekly feature business and I’ve already skipped a week. I think it’s safe to say Three Things Thursday will happen only when it happens. The kids are out for summer (yay! and eek!) and adjusting to having all 5 of the little angels home ALL day every day is gonna take some time. My writing time has been replaced with feeding and diapering and playing and feeding and bathing and wiping noses and feeding and… you get it. I’m totally feeling the year-round school thing. Not really, but maybe.

1. Enzo is 13 weeks seizure free!

Yep, still no seizures. I’m not even sure how to explain the joy. He’s doing amazingly well. Also, we had a meeting with the Special Ed director, his teacher and principal at his new school… and they were so wonderful! They’re all excited to have Enzo next year at Pre-K. The principal even said she’d change his pull-ups if she needed to (I may hold her to that)! Talk about ease a momma’s nerves and worries. It takes a village, and I’m happy to report that mine just keeps growing and growing.

3things - enzoswinging

2. My kids smashed my green thumb.

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you may have seen my post about starting a garden. This would’ve been year 4 of vegetable gardening at the Stewart house… but Roman and Enzo dumped out and destroyed my seedlings… TWICE. I gave up. Decided we’d just have to buy side of the road fresh produce, or drive around and steal from more successful backyards… you know, whatever works.

Well, something crazy is happening. Amid the chaos of dumped out seed buckets and fertilized hot wheel dirt tracks, plants are sprouting. Not weeds. Vegetable, fruit-bearing plants. I haven’t nurtured them, haven’t watered them or even looked at them. Yet here they are, doing exactly what they were intended to do. Growing.

3things - garden

And I feel like it’s a gentle reminder of my life. I make plans, elaborate plans. Save milk jugs, order fancy dirt and seeds, and build up this perfectly spaced little masterpiece. And then it gets dumped upside down. I scream and cry and overreact and get frustrated because what I wanted isn’t gonna happen… and then, instead of the crushed plans being an end to a story, little surprises spring up and change the game.

…which leads me to my next point.

3. We’re all living our lives in fear, and I’m tired of it.

The bathrooms. Be afraid that a man might sneak into one with your little girl. The sunscreen. Try to prevent sunburn and you’ll probably give your kid cancer. And don’t forget the gorilla. The zoo. Losing a kid. The finger pointing. Fear failing or falling or messing up or getting it right or hurting feelings or not being liked. The list is infinite, seriously. You know how many times the Bible tells us not to have fear or be anxious? I don’t know either, but I heard the number before in a sermon… and I do know it’s a big number. You know why? Because God knows Satan will use our fear against us. It’s been a rolling topic on social media and among my closest friends. I’d like to say I’m not scared of anything, that I rest in the peace of God’s promises, but I don’t. It’s a challenging place to stay. But here’s what I’m doing about it. I’m going to find a verse (or passage) in the Bible where God tells us not to be afraid, to be peaceful and trust Him. I’m gonna read it when I wake up and before I go to bed. And then the next day, I’m gonna find another one and then another. I’d love if even just one of you did this with me. Message me what you’re reading and I’ll share with you too. Don’t let fear win. It has no place with us.

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