Lyon + Post Review #1

I titled this review #1, because there will most definitely be more. One box and I’m in love with this company. Lyon + Post is an online shopping experience like no other, combining normal online shopping with the very popular – especially with me – subscription box. Here’s how it works… You sign up and start adding things to your shopping cart. Except, with Lyon + Post, your shopping cart works like a queue. You organize items in your queue in the order you like them, and when 4 of your items are available, they ship them to you – get this – in 24 hours. I signed up on a Saturday and had my box on the following Wednesday! You do have to enter a credit card, but it is completely FREE to try! No shipping charges in either direction, no holds on your card, nothing. Added bonus: if you use a friend’s referral link, you get $30 credit! I’ll be your friend and give you the link: Click here! I should admit, if you use my link I also get $30 credit (after you make a purchase). Once you sign up, you can start referring your friends and racking up the credit too! Oh, one more catch, a lot of the clothes are pretty pricey. Just shop the sale items. I found plenty of things there under $50, as you’ll see in a just a minute… and several under $30, meaning you could get something completely FREE! Who doesn’t like free?

Ok, so let’s get to it!

LyonPost 1-5

Mikeys Silk Strappy Maxi Dress ($89.50 on sale)

This was the one thing I just really didn’t like on me. It was too big on top, and the colors washed me out. It actually looks a little better in the picture than it did in real life. Anyway, it’s going back.

LyonPost 1-4

Muscle Pick Up Top ($25.55 on sale)

Opposite the dress, this tank is much cuter in person than the pic! Its comfortable and the side tuck thing is SEWN in! AND, did you notice that it’s less than $30? Yep, that makes it FREE! I wore it out of the house today, so – obviously – it’s mine!

LyonPost 1-1

Pleated Short ($39.90 on sale)

These shorts have a high waist, side zipper, thick material, and pockets! Not to mention, they’re one of my favorite colors to wear! Hoping one of my friends that have signed up make a purchase in the next day or two so I can get these free too!

LyonPost 1-3

Porter Jumper ($61.50 on sale)

Saved my favorite for last! I might have to let them charge the card for this one! And I’m sorry in advance to everybody that will have to see me wear this ALL summer long!

Now, what are you waiting for? Scroll back to the top, click that link, and GO SIGN UP! Would love for you to come back and tell me what you get!


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Just Add Honey Review

*This post contains affiliate and/or referral links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking them.*

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I have a slight obsession with subscription boxes. And nowadays you can get one with just about anything in it… so I stay on the hunt for fun, new ones to try. A short time ago, I stumbled across Just Add Honey Tea Company! There are a few options for their monthly boxes: a honey box ($12.95/month), a tea box ($19.95/month), or a tea+honey box ($29.95/month). I got the tea+honey box… Wanna see what’s in it? Of course you do! Let’s get to it!

just add honey - 1

just add honey - 4

First up, the tea. They sent three different kinds: go green, spring bouquet, and lady jasmine! The instructions told me to ‘steep’ the tea for 2-3 minutes. Admittedly, I had to google what they were talking about.  I’m used to ready made tea bags that go right into the hot water. For those of you fellow tea amateurs, to steep is to soak in liquid, hot water in this instance. So… what to do with these “thoughtfully blended, small grower-sourced, organic, full leaves…”? I tried putting them in my Keurig reusable filter, but that didn’t work out so well. I think the tea really needed to soak in the water for longer.

just add honey - 2

So, I went to went to the store and found this really nifty tea ball! They’re fairly inexpensive and very easy to use. Voila! I’m now a knowledgeable tea-steeping pro! I still used the Keurig to get a cup of hot water at just the perfect temperature.

Micah and I tried the Lady Jasmine tea first. The jasmine has a strong, sweet aroma and it’s definitely the dominant flavor. We added 3 or 4 swirls of our clover honey to make it even sweeter. More on that delicious  stuff later! The next afternoon we tried the Spring Bouquet tea. The cinnamon in this blend is strong, both to the nose and to the tongue! I’m not a big fan of cinnamon in general, but Micah is… He really liked this one. Finally, we got to the Go Green tea. I could tell by the smell this one would be my favorite. It’s a blend of green tea, lemon myrtle and ginseng, and it is delicious! I drank it in the late afternoon and wasn’t craving my late night Dr. Pepper! It had just enough caffeine to keep me going!

There’s enough tea in each bag to make several cups. We didn’t make ours super strong, and I bet we can get 5-6 cups from each one. It might be more like 3-4 if you like your tea strong. Overall, we were really impressed with the tea, and now that I have a tea ball I think we’ve developed a new habit!

Back to the honey… Just Add Honey gets their honey from American, small-batched beekeepers! The honey in this box was from Cooper Honey in Missouri, a family owned and operated business! This stuff is so good! We’ve used it in our tea, on bananas with peanut butter, and by the spoonful! It’s almost gone, and I’m already sad about it.

As though the tea and honey weren’t enough, Just Add Honey includes a small, crafty surprise in each box! This box included seed paper from Botanical Paper Works in Winnipeg, Canada! Little biodegradable flowers embedded with wildflower seeds! Jaylin and I planted them right outside the kitchen window, you know, so we can watch them grow while we sip our tea! Pinkies up!

just add honey -3

Ready to try a box for yourself? Click the banner below, and follow Just Add Honey on Instagram @justaddhoney for the latest!
Just Add Honey Tea Co Subscription Box

*I received this box to review at no cost to me, but the opinions are all mine!*

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How to Survive a House FULL of toddlers

Something weird happens around kid #3. And, no, I’m not talking about the stretch marks… People start to think you’re a parenting expert. By #5 you’re supposed have it all figured out. I definitely don’t, but I have learned a few tricks along the way. Here’s a quick list of how to survive (at least in my house) with a bunch of little kids…

1. Do NOT run out of food.

This is the single best piece of advice I can give you. Almost any toddler crisis can be averted with a bag of goldfish or a popsicle.

2. Make friends with a plumber.

Toddlers will flush anything and everything down the toilet. And while you’re unstopping one, they will clog up the other. You’ll have to go to Walmart to pee. Best to have that plumber-friend on speed dial.

(As I’m typing out this list there is a tiny Lego man drowning at the bottom of one of my toilets. No way toilet paper is getting past him, much less poop. Great. Phone call coming up in 3, 2…)

3. Locate the nearest drive-in-and-stop car wash

In the car toddlers are strapped safely in one place. The car wash lasts around 5 minutes and provides excellent distraction for children aged 0 to at least 7… making it the perfect spot to peacefully put on your makeup, balance a checkbook, check emails, FacebookInstagram or just recharge. Added bonus: your car is clean! (At least from the outside…)

4. Carside Groceries

Did YOU know that some stores (including some Walmart and Sam’s locations) will allow you to place a grocery order online and bring them out to your car when you get to the store?! I just learned this a few weeks ago. If you knew about this and didn’t tell me, we can’t be friends anymore. I should add that I haven’t tried it yet. One, because I live in a small town that doesn’t have some of the wonderful amenities that you big city girls are so lucky to have… and two, because I don’t think of looking into it until I’m on aisle 12 of the grocery store and ready to be home. I will be doing some research though, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated. If I can’t find this nearby, I may even drive an hour away to make happen. I mean, this is game changing.

5. Take Pictures

Hard parenting moments that make you cry today will make you laugh some day. Sometimes Micah and I are laughing at those hard moments by the end of the day, but only after everybody is asleep. You’ll want the documentation, trust me. And if not for yourself, share with the world. We all need to know we’re not struggling alone.

6. Daddy do-do day

One of the most important things you need to do to maintain your sanity with toddlers is get. help. Long ago, Micah and I (mostly I) established Daddy do-do day. On that day, usually Saturday, Daddy is in charge of all #2 diapers. It sounds silly, I know. But I’ve had at least one, usually two kids in diapers for the last 7 years, and  I recognize this as an area where I need a break. Maybe you’re cool with diapers, or maybe you don’t have a baby daddy that is willing to participate in this way… Find a friend, a grandma, a neighbor and get help with whatever it is you need a break from. Maintaining sanity is the goal here. Ask. for. help!

That’s all I’ve got guys. I told you I’m no expert. Maybe you should be helping me. Do you have some helpful parenting tips to get us through? Share them with me, and maybe I’ll write us up a brand new list with your (much smarter) advice!

Over the Moon Link Party
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Three Things Thursday

Well, I was just about to close up the computer for the night and settle in with Scandal and some semi-burned chocolate chip cookies… but decided to check in with one of my favorite blogs, Living in Yellow, first. And wouldn’t you know she’s co-hosting a random little link-up party, Three Things Thursday! I’m pretty random, and I love a party… so I had no choice but to join in the fun! So, without further adieu, here are three random things from my Thursday:

ONE: Five people today called my sweet little angel baby a BOY. SHE is NOT a boy.

Ok, so I named her Dylan. And I’m not that big into super over-the-top girly type stuff like giant bows and bedazzled onesies, so I get the confusion. But FIVE people? Really? Maybe it was just the crowd. We were at Chuck E Cheese, and that place attracts quite the smorgasbord. Do you guys think she looks like a boy? Tell the truth… unless you think she looks like a boy… if that’s the case then go ahead and tell me a little white lie. You have my permission.

3things - dylan

TWO: Taking kids in Target is a mistake.

Target is right next door to Chuck E Cheese, and both are a good 30 minutes from my house. No way was I going to endure the ringing arcade games and screaming kids and not get to run in my all time favorite store! But when Micah pulled the minivan up to the doors to let me make my escape Jaylin (the 7 year old) and Zander (the 6 year old) jumped out with me. They’re our oldest two so I thought it’d be okay. Started with picking out bunny ear headbands and Easter outfits for all 5 kiddos. Ended in the activewear with Zander shouting ‘I’m so thirsty… I’m going to die in this store!’ over. and. over. and. over. I still made it out with a new sports bra, so all was not lost.

3things - target

THREE: Today marks two weeks of ZERO seizures for Enzo!

If you’re a new reader and don’t know, my middle son, Enzo, has epilepsy. He started having seizures in December 2014. He’s only 4, and it’s been a very difficult journey. We aren’t sure what has caused him to turn this corner. Just a few months ago he was having 10-15 seizures every day! It’s a true miracle, and we are grateful. If you’ve been praying for him, please don’t stop… and if you’re just learning about him, please start praying now!

3things - enzo

Thanks again to the link-up party hosts The Foley Fam, Coffee-n-Ink, Absolute Mommy, and Living in Yellow! A fun end to my Thursday… now on to Scandal!



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Easter Cookies (& a way to RUN off the calories when you’re done!)

*This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking*

I decided for Spring Break I wouldn’t buy any of our normal, processed, high-fructose snacks (aka goldfish, chips, fruit roll ups, and pop-tarts). I went to the store on Sunday and loaded my cart with fruit, vegetables, yogurt, cheese… and then I got to the cookie dough aisle. Easter is by far my favorite holiday; I’m a complete sucker for bright colors and bunnies! So, I caved and bought bunny cookies! I mean, look how cute!

Easter Cookies - 1

I may have also bought white and pink icing to decorate… oh, and chocolate chips for eyes… annnndddd cupcake mix, because I knew we’d have leftover icing to use up. Don’t judge, I’m weak. The mix is bright Spring colors. And Walmart’s product placement is on point. We’ll eat healthy next week, maybe.

Our finished product! Bet you can’t tell which one’s mine…

Easter Cookies - 2

The kids had so much fun, made a huge mess, and ate half a bag of chocolate chips! I may have indulged a little with them. Oops.

Easter Cookies - 3

Good news is when I checked my email I had COUPONS for the upcoming Color Run! I wish they’d come to Oklahoma City but, sadly, not yet. I’ll just have to use the idea for motivation to get moving! If you’re lucky enough to be in one of these areas, you can sign up using the links below and get $10 off your registration!

$10 off Color Run Lubbock! (March 26) Use Code: LUBBOCK10OFFSAS

$10 off Color Run Dallas! (March 26) Use Code: DALLAS10OFFSAS

$10 off Color Run Tulsa (April 9) Use Code: TULSA10OFFSAS

(I added this post to the Blogger Spotlight Linky party, and you can link yours too by clicking here!)

The Color Run - Happiest 5k Run

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Little Passports #1

Little Passports

***This post contains affiliate and/or referral links and if you make a purchase after clicking them it’s likely that I’ll be compensated!***

This box couldn’t have come at a better time! The kids are out for Spring Break. I haven’t had all 5 of them home ALL day for this many days in a row since last summer! Their attention spans are tiny, and I was running out of ways to entertain them before the weekend was over! Enter Little Passports! I signed up to get the Early Explorer box, designed for preschool aged kids… and it’s perfect for Enzo & Roman. There are other options for older kids.

This first box was an introduction to Early Explorers. The Little Passports explorers, Max and Mia, and their dog, Toby, guide the kids as they learn about the world. This box taught them about the 7 continents. Everything came in this little suitcase that Enzo LOVED!

Little Passports - 5

You’ll notice by the pictures that once we got into the box, Enzo took over like it was his. Roman was tired and uninterested, and I didn’t push it since Enzo was so excited to do it by himself. Jaylin and Zander tried really hard to take over, as you’ll see, but Enzo stood his ground. Typical.

The first task was to decorate the suitcase with stickers from each continent. Enzo allowed Jaylin and Zander to help, but they were only given one sticker each. I didn’t feel too bad for them. The last kids’ subscription box we tried (Kiwi Crate) was all about them, so it was Enzo’s turn.

Little Passports - 3

Next, there was a letter from Max and Mia, a postcard, and an Activity Book. Enzo had fun matching more continent stickers to their spots in his ‘passport’. While he was working on that, Jaylin and Zander did some of the activities in the book, and I read them the fun facts that were included about each continent.

Little Passports - 2

Also included in the suitcase was a World map! The kids all loved this. It was really big and surprisingly durable… they climbed and crawled all over it and no tears (yet)! They liked for me to ask them ‘Where’s North America?’ and race to be the first to point it out. They learned the locations pretty fast. We might be needing a globe in the near future, because they didn’t understand why Antarctica was on the bottom!

Little Passports - 1

In the coming months, Max and Mia told us to look forward to learning about landmarks, music, and animals from around the world! We’re excited to keep learning. I love that this box not only entertained them for about an hour, but taught them something new! I think we’re all looking forward to the next installment!

Ready to try Little Passports with your kids? Subscriptions for the Early Explorer box are less than $20/month! You can learn more about all Little Passports has to offer by clicking here!

I’m a Little Passports affiliate and received this box at no cost to me. However, the opinions and thoughts are all my own! Are you a blogger and interested in being affiliated with Little Passports? You can apply here!


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Save 60% Off ROBOTS-4-U Summer Camps

ROBOTS-4-U Summer Camps Now Enrolling and my readers save 60% Off with Code: TEX1660M15! (expires 3/31)

Campers have a BLAST, while learning and playing in a dynamic environment. They learn about Robotics and Science, in an independent and exciting way! Each camper individually uses their own ROBOTICS or DYNAMIC ART kit. Robot kits do not go home with campers, but are available for purchase!


Programs highlights:
– Robot / Science / Engineering / Day Camp / Challenges
– Girls and Boys – Aged 7 to 14
– Robot and Dynamic Art Camps offered during June, July and August
– Hands on Learning, Self-Paced

Camp lasts for 1 week (5 days), 9-11:30 and 12:30-3… and there are only 16 participants per instructor, so camp fills up fast!

Visit Robots 4 U website or on Facebook today to learn more!

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Stitch Fix #11

***This post contains affiliate and/or referral links, and there’s a high probability that I’ll be compensated if you make purchases after clicking them… so thank you!***

Oh happy Stitch Fix day! I’ve been in a winter slump with my wardrobe, and I’m so happy to see Spring styles and colors showing up FINALLY! Now if our crazy Oklahoma weather would get with the program and stay at 70 degrees, I’d be a happy camper.

What did you say? You’ve never heard of Stitch Fix? Well, let me fill you in! Here’s how it works… You fill out a style profile and sign up to receive a box. You choose the frequency of your boxes; mine are set to come once a month. You’re free to skip or cancel at any time, but who would want to do that?! They will charge your credit card a $20 styling fee each time a box ships, but that$20 is applied to anything you decide to keep. Only 1 out of my 11 boxes so far was a complete bust where I sent everything back and lost my $20. In your box, you will get 5 items selected by your stylist just for you. These can be clothing and accessories. It’s pretty hard not to love at least one of those items! Of course, I usually have the opposite problem. To get the most out of this experience, it’s a great idea to link your Pinterest style board to your profile. It gives your stylist a better idea of what you like. Here’s mine if you’d like to see, feel free to leave a link to yours in the comments and I’ll follow!

Ok, business out of the way… here’s what I got this month:

(Frizzy bun & white skin courtesy of 5 little kids and 2 months too many of Old Man Winter! If I’m not looking better by July, somebody rescue me and get me to a BEACH – at least call the babysitter for me!)

Gilli Mattie Crossback Maxi Dress ($78)

Stitch Fix 11-5 Stitch Fix 11-4Stitch Fix 11-3

I loved the back of this dress and the print on the bottom… but, although it doesn’t really look it in the pictures, it’s just a little too short for heels/wedges, and that’s what I’d want to wear with it. Plus, to avoid looking 4 months pregnant, I had to suck in so hard my face was turning blue. It might’ve worked in a bigger size, but I didn’t love it enough to take the chance.

Alice Blue Lucio Henley Blouse ($48)

Stitch Fix 11-6

I’d already seen this one popping up on the Stitch Fix boards on Facebook and thought it was so cute. Micah doesn’t love it, but I do! The sleeves can be rolled to make it a little more Spring/Summer appropriate, and it’s very thin (and sheer) so definitely a great transition top!

Moon Chrissy Printed Wide Leg Pant ($48)

These feel (and kind of look) like PAJAMAS… so, naturally, they’re already in my closet. Perfect beachy-feel mom pants, and I love the bright floral print! White pocket tee is from Two Scrambled Eggs!

Market & Spruce Maeby Dress ($58)

Stitch Fix 11-2

This one was Micah’s favorite, and I like it too. Again, I love the bright, Spring colors and fun pattern! It’s a great length too and super comfortable!

Loveappella Gellar Fuzzy Texture Knit Top ($48)

Stitch Fix 11-7

This shirt is very soft, and it is cute. However, even with shorts, it feels Fall-ish to me, and I’m not in the mood for that. The back is solid black and the front is soft and fuzzy like a blanket! I might be wishing I’d kept this come September.

So, my favorites are the short dress, floral top and pants… and Micah only gave me a $100 Stitch Fix budget this month. That’s only enough for TWO things! Ugh. What’s a girl to do? I think we might have to have a really sweet, loving talk here in a little bit.

What’s your favorite Spring-ready Stitch Fix piece so far? Leave me a link, I’d love some new inspiration to pin!

Stitch Fix Link UP

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Candy Club Review

***This post contains affiliate and/or referral links, and I may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking.***
Never heard of Candy Club? It’s exactly what it sounds like… a monthly subscription service that sends CANDY to your door every month! A DREAM come true for the Stewart kids, and probably yours too. When you land on their site you take a Taste Profile Quiz that helps you decide if you want their Club Favorites (a mix of Sours & Classics), Club Classics (“…timeless, nostalgic, hard-to-find confections…”), or Club Sours & More (“…modern candies with mouth-puckering zest…”). If you don’t like the choice the quiz makes for you, you’re free to change it up. My quiz suggested I go for the Club Favorites, and I agreed!
Here’s what we got…
Sweet’s Nummy Cubbies Fruit Snacks
These are made with real fruit juice, certified Kosher Pareve, and include Cherry, Lemon, Orange, Sour Apple, and Grape flavors. They’re similar to regular gummi bears, but very dense. I wasn’t a big fan and highly recommend avoiding the grape! The kids loved them (of course), so they won’t last long around here.
Nassau Milk Chocolate Sponge
These are chocolate covered caramelized molasses sugar. The inside is light and airy, like a wafer. I really liked these, but the kids weren’t too sure. I think they’re just used to Kit Kats and Snickers, and this is definitely not that.
Gerrit J. Verburg Sour Blockheads
These were very sour and hard to chew, but (as you can see) definitely a crowd favorite!
There were also Primrose Peanut Butter Barrels sprinkled in the box. They were very tasty!
The whole family enjoyed this box. It had a surprisingly large amount of candy in it! I’m not sure we’d sign up for a monthly subscription… only because we can’t afford all the cavities (or calories), but it’s definitely fun for a special treat! It would also make a great surprise gift for my nieces and nephews!
Ready to give Candy Club a try? You can sign up here and get 50% off and free shipping on your first box!
***I received this box to review at no cost to me, but the opinions are all mine!***
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