Goodbye December!

Our would-be Christmas card, had we done one… better late than never:
Merry Christmas from the Stewart’s!

Not even gonna lie to you, I was NOT feeling Christmas this year. You could’ve painted me green and handed me a one-antlered dog and I would’ve owned it. 

Last year I had most of my shopping and gifting and decorating done the week before Thanksgiving. This year we didn’t even start thinking about Christmas until our drive back to Oklahoma 3 days after Thanksgiving. There’s plenty of time for list making when you’re driving… and when the trip is 16+ hours in a wintery storm with a broken heater and five little kids… it’s actually a welcome distraction.

My sweet little hoodrats taking a break from the car, warming up and getting a snack. They really are troopers! 

By the time we got home we had decided we weren’t going back to Louisiana for Christmas. And about 80% of the Christmas shopping was done, thanks to Amazon Prime. I’m still a little surprised my packages didn’t make it home before we did.

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The morning after we got home the kids started begging for the Christmas decorations. Scrooge (aka: ME!) did NOT want to fool with any of it, but can’t disappoint the kiddos! Luckily, Micah and I had bought some blow-ups for the yard last year when our date night found us in the Christmas Clearance aisle at Walmart. The kids were so excited. Roman and Enzo thought they were punching bags, but turns out that Weenie Dog and Polar Bear can take a hit, so all was well. 
Micah decided to go all overboard and put lights on the house too… and my job was to put the tree and stockings up. The tree only had 1 of 4 light strands working and an abundance of missing and broken ornaments. Not beautiful, but loved by all the Stewart kids. Dylan’s stocking had the faint lines of an old monogram of someone else’s name. It was bought on eBay because Pottery Barn decided to discontinue the ones I had for the other four kids… so Dylan was Brendan this year, close enough.
I tend to be an all or nothing kind of gal. If things can’t be exactly how I want them, I throw my hands up. I think that’s why this Christmas was hard for me. I have these visions of sugar plums and magic and perfection, but it just wasn’t happening this year. But as I’ve spent time looking back through the pictures and thinking about the memories we’ve made, I’ve learned my lesson… perfect magic happens all on its own…

Dog-piling on Uncle John

Sprinkling food in the yard for Santa’s reindeer


Christmas Eve


Enzo’s favorite gift, from Papa


One of Dylan’s favorites, from the Gist’s


A GIANT package from Papa and Momma T


Frankie, Annette and our newest addition, Winston! (they were lazy slackers this year)

Passing down our selfie-taking and texting skills to Jaylin

Baby D in her mismatched shoes at the Christmas parade

Prepping for the winter storm that never came

A Christmas miracle, everybody looking at the camera!

 Hope you all had a perfectly imperfect Christmas too! Looking forward to 2016!!!
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Bombfell #3

***This post contains affiliate/referral links and I will get credit and/or make a small commission if you make purchases after clicking these links, but the opinions in this post are ALL my own!***

Micah just got his third box from Bombfell! If you aren’t familiar with Bombfell, it’s a clothing subscription box similar to Stitch Fix, except that it’s for men and they don’t charge a styling fee! Matter of fact, they’ll give you $25 credit towards your first box if you use our referral link! Just click here to get started! Our experience has been great so far! Their customer service is great. The prices are a little on the high side, but it’s pretty easy to get referral credit and no risk to give them a shot!

So here’s what came in this box…

Howe King Slayer Hooded Jacket ($150)
Johnnie-O Jack Classic Stripe Polo ($75)
Big Star Union Straight Jeans ($99)
Johnnie-O Laurel Tweener Shirt ($98)
Sons of Fortune Denton Twill Blazer ($149)


He had requested a blazer or sports coat in this box and was happy to get this one. It’s a great fit and we both liked the navy color. He also loved the black jacket. The long sleeve shirt and jeans were okay, but nothing extraordinary… especially not for the price. He didn’t like the polo shirt at all. The blue was very spring-ish, and he tends to dislike smaller stripes like that.
I did find the Johnnie-O polo and long sleeve shirt on amazon. They seem like really good quality, so if he needs a couple new shirts in the future I could always order them there in styles or colors he likes more… and maybe even get a better deal. The black jacket is on amazon too, but Bombfell had the better price!
We had accumulated some referral credit before this box came AND his wonderful mother-in-law gave him some cash for Christmas (thanks mom!), so he kept both jackets this go round! I think I was happier for that wardrobe update than he was!
Now I just need you all to go sign up your husbands, dads, brothers, and sons so I can talk Mr. Micah into keeping more next month!



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Hanger to Home #8

***This post contains affiliate/referral links and I will get credit and/or make a small commission if you make purchases after clicking these links, but the opinions in this post are ALL my own!***

Merry Christmas to me! I got my H2H box and my Stitch Fix box within a couple days of each other, and Makenzie (my H2H stylist) loaded me up with goodies! If you aren’t familiar with Hanger to Home, I’ll fill you in after my reveal!

Grey Haute Hanger cardigan  ($88)
I like this one, especially the black trim detail… but I don’t $88 like it.

THML White top with black stripes ($48)
I love the stripes and this shirt is so soft, but I hate this sleeve length. I just don’t think it’s very flattering on me.
Hem & Thread buffalo check with floral back ($49)
I love the buffalo check, but do not care for the floral print back at all. I don’t mind mixing prints, but this one just isn’t for me. It’s also super tight through the top of my arms and chest.

Reborn J black & white striped cardigan ($38)
This one has super cute elbow patches, but it’s pretty tight on my arms and I have something very similar already. It is a really good price though!

Loveriche black top with plaid underlay ($48)
I had this in another color in my last box, but didn’t keep it because one of my best friends had an identical one… So I was super happy to see it this time in a different color! It’s on my keep list for now!
THML grey top with plaid bottom ($64)
I love the idea of this shirt, and it’s super comfortable… but I feel like the gray part is too short, so it’s a no.
Ya navy knit with ruffle ($58)
Loved the back, hated the front. Felt kind of maternity…

A’reve green sweater ($78)
This is one of my favorite colors to wear and I love the length… but that open front struck the maternity chord with me again. I lived in maternity clothes for about 6 years, so anything that leans that direction I RUN from. This one still has me puzzled though, can’t decide if I love it or hate it.

Mystree knit vest ($74) and Mystree copper knit ($64)
I want to like this, I really do. I see this style on other people and love it… but it’s just not “me”. Maybe the vest with another less flowy shirt… but I don’t know.
I’m also wearing jeans that were sent in this box in every picture above… they’re Just Black jeggings ($78) and they are AWESOME. Unfortunately, they’re too big for me… by maybe two sizes. But that’s not Makenzie’s fault… I need to send her an email to update my profile as my sizes have changed since I first filled out my profile 8 months ago.
I also got some really cute jewelry in this box. Long gold necklace with pendant ($28), Beaded dangle earrings ($14), Dangle earrings with stones ($18), and Gold beaded necklace ($24). I love the pendant necklace, so probably keeping it. I like the other 3 too but I’m not a big jewelry person, so usually only keep ones I know I’ll wear a lot.
So, I’m still deciding what to and what not to keep and would love for you to leave a comment with your opinions!
Are you ready to try Hanger to Home? It’s a monthly subscription box, similar to Stitch Fix! They send me a box of clothes and accessories once a month, but you can choose the frequency that works for you. You fill out a style profile, send them a link to your pinterest style board (Here’s mine!) and get started. They charge an $18 styling fee per box that is applied to any purchases, but the fee is waived for the first box! You lose nothing to give them a try! They’ve also started offering a 20% discount if you keep 5 clothing items and give $15 referral credit when your friends sign up (*You can only use one credit per box). Be sure to let them know I sent you!

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